Yoruba Nation: Don’t use force to quench agitation for self-determination, Akintoye warns

Renowned Historian and leader of the umbrella body of Yoruba Yoruba Self-Determination Movement, Ilana Omo Oodua, Emeritus Professor Banji Akintoye, on Friday, June 18, 2021, warned the Federal Government against using force to thwart self-determination agitators for the emergence of Yoruba Nation.

The former Senator also called on other Yoruba elites to emulate Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mr. Mudashiru Obasa by speaking truth to power in defense of Yoruba Land, saying “our elites have more to gain in Yoruba Nation than living in fear under the Federal Government.”

In a statement by his Communications Manager, Mr. Maxwell Adeleye, Akintoye warned that any Nigerian Leader who orders shooting of Yoruba self-determination activists will have a date with the International Criminal Court, ICC.


The statement reads, “This statement by Mr. Mudashiru Obasa is about the first forthright statement by any Yoruba highly placed public official on the issue of self-determination. Mr. Obasa has not only spoken truthfully; he has demonstrated unusual boldness.

“His comment has helped to lift and boost my morale to keep marching like a valiant soldier in the journey to Yoruba redemption. The vast majority of Yoruba people are thanking and praying for Mr. Obasa today for speaking truth to the Federal Government.

“We ask all our other public officials, politicians and the Yoruba elite to pick up courage to emulate Hon. Obasa now. It is their sacred duty to their Yoruba people, and they stand to receive great blessings by faithfully doing standing by their people.

“All our elected and bureaucratic public official know what Hon. Obasa has now dare to proclaim -namely, that every nationality in the world has the right of self-determination, that a nationality’s right of self-determination is inalienable, and that, to seek to assert its self-determination, a nationality does not need the permission of the country to which it now belongs.


“The overwhelming majority of the people of our Yoruba nation have made it absolutely clear that we Yoruba now want to assert our self-determination, separate our nation from Nigeria, and go forth to run our own Oduduwa Republic or Yorubaland, a country that will be highly respected in the world for its security, limitless opportunities for all our citizens and all law-abiding foreign residents among us, and eminent respect for human life and human dignity – a land of order, law, wealth and prosperity.

“Seeking all these is entirely our right as a people. We have embarked on the journey to our goal, there is no looking back, and nobody can force us to give up.

“Many other nationalities in Nigeria seek to assert their self-determination too, and we have announced our willingness to work with them as co-travellers seeking identical goals. The journey is advancing fast, and we already have good reasons to start congratulating ourselves.

“We need to warn the government authorities who say they are determined to thwart our quest. You cannot stop us or any of the other nationalities seeking self-determination. When you say you have ordered the Nigerian police and military to be ruthless against us, we advise you to be aware that you might be breaking laws that cal lead you into serious criminal prosecutions in international criminal courts.

“We, Yoruba, do not wish such a fate for any of the persons who are until now our co-citizens. The truth is that you cannot stop any nationality that is presently part of Nigeria from asserting their self- determination.

“The United Nations Constitution, various United Nations conventions, the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, conventions of the African Union, all lay it down that every nationality in the world, large or small, have the inalienable right of self-determination . Nigeria is a signatory to all these laws and therefore, these laws are all part of Nigerian laws.

“Our ultimate advice to Nigeria is that negotiations be embarked upon now to enable the departures from Nigeria to be be negotiated in peace and in the spirit of brotherliness, so that as different countries, our nations may live as friendly neighbors in all our future. The Federal Government has a duty to humanity to lead us to such negotiation.”

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