What’s Your Constituency? That’s The Person Anambra Needs

By Pat Uchendu

As the Anambra State election nears, many find succour that, like everything in life, time is a screen whipper. For those who have been disappointed in Obiano/APGA regime, of which I am unapologetically one, the time becomes golden. As an Igbo man, I truly feel bad about what has happened to APGA from the conceptual framing Ojukwu made it. And it shouldn’t surprise many that those of us who have found a port of departure into other alternatives did that more out of anger and protest. Mr Obiano sir, you failed many hopes of a people who passionately invested so much for decent dividends and expectations, from constitutional democracy for their people.

Anambra people, like most peoples, are remarkably different from all Igbo States. Their tempo of live is underscored by the quest for excellence and breaking new frontiers.

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I remember one of the first public utterances made by HE Peter Obi on the day he was to be sworn in as the Governor of Anambra State, which drew my attention to “this seemingly unknown gentleman”. The organisers of the event from the outgoing government of Chris Ngige had ordered closure of markets all through Anambra State.
When Peter Obi heard it, he said:
“It is wrong for businesses and market shops to be closed because of my inauguration. I know what it means to close shops for a day, because I come from that constituency”.


Immediately, I took close interest in a man who said that and watched him as a governor deliver the important policies and practical issues that have lived beyond him, except those either destroyed or abandoned by HE Willie Obiano with poor administrative vision and carelessness. On that auspicious occasion, the import of what Mr Obi said was remarkable. It means that he understood the people he was coming to govern.

Anambra State does not need utopian developmental theorists. We are a very effective practical people. Anambra needs someone who understands that we live by shops and allied outlets of businesses. Someone who understands that we are entrepreneurs by creation. Someone who understands the direction of the energy of an average Anambra person in the contemporary Nigeria project.

Dream of another who perfectly understands the need of the people of his state. Then look at Engr Chris Azubogu. Listen to him talk practicals, watch his grassroots interaction, think about his enviable career as a focused politician of over ten eventful years in key national portals.

Think…think… That time, the #OgeErugo is near. It’s a golden time!

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