We Cannot Survive Another Civil War , Says Gombe Governor

By Usman Dauda

Thursday May 6, 2021


Gombe State Governor, Inuwa Yahaya, has warned the various separatist movements canvassing for dismemberment of Nigeria to desist from such act, saying the country cannot survive another civil war because it does not have the capacity for it.

He stated this on Thursday, May 6, 2021, while aaddressing the Chairman, Visitation Panel to the Federal University Kachere, FUK, Dr. Mac John Nwobiala and the management team of the university, led by Prof. Umar Pateh, the governor said whoever is thinking of dividing Nigeria is only dreaming.


“This time around, I don’t think we have the capacity. After the civil war in 1970, God blessed the whole world then especially those that were oil producing countries. There was increase in oil price and overtime, within those few years as General Yakubu Gowon said that time, money was not our problem but how to spend it.

“There was no plan to spend the money well and I think that is why we are in this mess. But now, there is no money and if there is no money, whatever plan you may have, you cannot implement it. If we cannot implement, to me we are back to ground zero, not even square one. God forbid that one.

“I don’t support anybody that is calling for the division of Nigeria. The unity, peace and progress of Nigeria is not negotiable. Nobody at this point in time should bring up such issue as IPOB, Oodua, Afenifere or whatever or Sege Kafasa from the North. What we need is peace, tranquility and progress of the ordinary people,” he said.

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