Vice President Kamala Harris and the Igbo question?

By Remy Ilona

Americans have just inaugurated a new administration: the Biden-Harris Administration. This is news to the world and more-so to the Igbo people. This is because Harris is in a strong way a member of an Igbo family. The son-in-law of Vice President Kamala Harris’ only sister Maya, Nicolas Ajagu, is an Igbo. He shares two children with Kamala’s niece Meena Harris. Stretched fully Meena is Harris’ daughter too, as Harris does not have biological children of her own. As understood by Igbos, that makes her sister’s kids her’s too. So we can say that Harris is ogo ndi Igbo. And as Igbos believe that marriage unites families permanently, Kamala is in a union with the Igbo nation.
Again, Harris may likely be related to Igbos through her father who came from Jamaica, where Igbo culture and language are still alive. When Jamaicans say unu, they mean you all which is what the world also means in Igbo.
Still again, there is a verifiable connection between the Igbos and this woman who has become the first woman vice president in the U.S. She is married to a Jew, Doug Emhoff. Igbos are descendants of biblical Israelites. Igbos believe that Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Ethiopian, Mizrachi, and other groups which are collectively called Jews, have deep cultural connections to the Israelites.
America is by far the strongest country in the world. As Igbos say ‘onye nna ya no na enigwe ada eje oku mmuo’ if Igbos get their acts right, America can take steps that can give Igbo people more security. America instituted the Marshal Plan, and rebuilt a Europe that Europeans destroyed with two world wars. If enough Igbos are ready to join the Omenana Defenders and I.P.C, two organizations that have boldly taken on the task of re-institutionalizing Omenana, which is the only instrument that could be used to stabilize Igbo society, by combatting moral decay, America can help. With a mother in law of an Igbo man in the White House, this ethnic group that has a history of enjoying honest hard work if they adhere to Omenana can get a listening ear at the White House.

Ajagu, Harris, and family.


.Ilona is a scholar, writer, and film producer. He is at the University of California, Riverside. He wrote the influential ‘Hebrew Igbo Republics’, ‘The Igbos And Israel: An Inter-cultural Study of the Largest Jewish Diaspora’, ‘An African American History’, ‘Igbo-phobia and Anti-Semitism’, ‘The Igbos And Abraham’s DNA’, and 15 other books.

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