Uzodinma: Supervising a Festival of Blood In Imo

By Collins Opurozor

One thing has got the world talking. It is the situation in Imo state.

And the focal point in the discourse is the disturbing reality that the political leadership in Imo appears to supervise the ongoing bloodbath which has gulped countless innocent lives and has left Imo a barren land.

And for the wanton killings that rage on, there has never been any show of disapproval by the regime in the state.

Instead, Uzodinma, through his commissioner for information, went on air to justify the reprehensible carnage and mass murders and argued that when there is crisis, security operatives are permitted to shoot anyhow and anywhere.

This is wicked and insensitive, and it betrays the height of barbarity and atavism.


Even in wartimes, the killing of unarmed, noncombatant civilians is simply murder for which the perpetrators must be tried for war crimes.

But poor, vulnerable and innocent Imo citizens are being sent to their early graves and the regime says this is the normal thing and that we should accept it.

What is even more curious, and should arouse the suspicion of all sane minds, is that Uzodinma has taken it upon himself to lure Imo people out to the streets whenever attacks are about to happen.

And when they are killed as a result of his directives, he keeps mum, never condoles with anyone, and ever bent on finding puerile justifications for the deaths.

For instance, last Sunday, Uzodinma declared that the wolf of insecurity had been permanently banished from the state and that no more attacks would happen.


He therefore ordered all residents to freely go about their activities.

However, barely forty-eight hours after he gave the assurances, Orji area in Owerri came under massive attacks in the heat of the noon, which left three persons, two women and a man, dead.

If they had not been deceived by Uzodinma and pulled out from their residences by his sinister words, those victims would not have been murdered in cold blood. And, as if he relishes the festival of blood, Uzodinma has not spoken a word about the incident, neither has he visited any of the bereaved families to condole with them, till date.

Further, a sit-at-home has just been ordered in the entire Old Eastern Region by some groups of neo-Biafran agitators.

No other governor has spoken about it. Wise leaders understand that the right to freedom of movement also includes a freedom not to move.

Yet this same Uzodinma, who has never deemed it fit to say a few soothing words to those who have lost their loved ones to the insecurity in Imo, immediately organized a press conference in which he mandated Imo people to go about their businesses and never to obey the sit-at-home order.

This latest directive has shown that there might be a plot by Uzodinma to seek to perpetually put Imo people in harm’s way and watch while they are brutally harmed.

It is pressing, therefore, that we ask Uzodinma to tell the world his reasons for wishing Imo people untold calamities.

Could it be in retaliation for the refusal of the people to vote him as governor in 2019? Or could it be a punishment for the deft insistence by the people never to recognise and legitimize his reign of infamy?

Something must be wrong somewhere! But one thing is certain: Imo people shall never cower before tyranny and those who wish to feast on their blood will be disappointed at last.

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