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Top 10 Richest Igbo Men Plus Their Current Networth.

Ezeji B.O

Haven looked at the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria which include the Yorubas, Igbos, and Hausas, one will be quick to assert that the Igbos are because of their business orientation. This has been proven on many occasions especially in the Igbos’ ability to migrate, adapt, survive, create new things, and even in their show of resilience.

An average Igbo man makes use of the opportunity that he has to create wealth either by engaging in profitable and local competition but viable businesses or in a bigger way of importation and exportation as is currently being done in places like aba, Ariana market, Alaba international market, computer village in Lagos, Ladipo international spare part market, and other places so numerous to mention.

Interestingly, an Igbo man does not thrive alone in Nigeria, he also does well outside Africa. this is evident in some of the world records where Igbos have been seen to do so well in foreign businesses.

In recent times, as I began to look into some of the secrets of Igbo wealth, I realized that the Igbo apprenticeship system has also contributed a lot to making many wealthy Igbos. This system is so good in replicating wealth that Harvard business school began to look into the possibility of adopting the same system.

In this post, I will be giving the 10 top richest Igbo Men in Nigeria.

let’s dive into it

1.ORJI UZOR KALU – 2.3 Billion

top 10 richest igbo men in Nigeria - Orji uzor kalu image

Kalu is a 61years old Igbo man with a passion for manufacturing, transporting goods that are non-consumable this made him financially strong and also established him among the present-day igbo billionaires. Kalu who currently makes the list of the top 10 richest igbo men in Nigeria started his journey towards becoming a rich man at the age of 19. At 20, Kalu was already a millionaire. One of the business deals that contributed to his wealth was the obtaining of license from the Nigerian government to import arms and ammunition to the Nigerian army. Additional research into Kalu’s wealth also shows that he must have made more money from establishing the Daily Sun newspaper, the first International limited bank of Nigeria, and the New telegraphy newspaper. One of Kalu’s notable achievements was the successful creation of the progressive people alliance in 2016 during his regime as governor.

2.COSMOS MADUKA (Coscharis) – $800Million

cosmas image

He is a dogged and resilient entrepreneur that life has taught him to survive the hard way. He became a dropout at the age of 8 after his father’s death. After the suden demise of his dad, maduka joined his mum in the sale of beans cake. Luck began to shine on him when he dived into the sales of spare parts with a starting capital of about 300 Naira at the age of 17. His spare part business took a positive turn when he successfully obtained an import license from the Nigerian Government. Today Coscharis own by Maduka is a leading distributor company of top brands of cars like BMW, range rover, ford, and others in Nigeria.

3.PASCAL DOZIE – $ 1 billion

Paschal Dozie Image

Dozie is a passionate businessman born in 1939 in the present day Owerri, Imo state Nigeria. He is a graduate of economics from the London school of economics. Dozie also holds a masters degree from the city university in London where he studied operational research and industrial engineering. He continued his career as a lecturer in a London polytechnic after which he returned to Nigeria to launch his first company; The African Development Consulting Group (ADCG) which birthed Diamond bank.

4.CLETUS IBETO – $3.7 billion


Ibeto enterprise is owned & managed by Cletus from Nnewi. Cletus is a prominent and courageous businessman who sees opportunity in the importation and manufacturing of spare parts which forms the basis of his popularity and wealth. Before he began his company, Cletus worked as an apprentice in a spare part company. This industrious Igbo billionaire was born in 1952 in Anambra where he currently has his company and his family. After the completion of his petrochemical company, he outrightly stopped the importation of batteries and plastic which used to be his major business in order to begin the production of oil lubricates.

5.INNOCENT CHUKWUMA – $1 billion

Innocent Chukwuma Image

Innocent is one of the famous and Richest Igbo Men with a challenging strong belief in human ability and skill which according to him should not be replaced with machines. Innocent began his small motorcycle spare part business in nnewi and as the business improved, he began a successful auto manufacturing company. Innoson  was born in Anambra into a family of six and had no university education due to frequent attempts of jamb examination without admission. After several failed attempts to gain admission into the university, he opted  to enrol as an apprentice.

6. BENEDICT PETER – $2.7 billion

Benedict Peter Image

Benedict hail from delta state he had his primary and secondary school education in Enugu and afterward had his university education in Benin with a degree in geography and regional planning.

He is also a successful businessman who owns the Aieto group which was founded in 2008 with a major focus on energy and oil with an estimated net worth of 2.7billion dollars.

Aieto has the largest petroleum tank firm in the country. also, the oil mining lease and Nembe creek trunk line are also controlled by Aieto company owned by Benedict.

7. ABC ORJIAKOR – $1.2 billion

Dr. Bryant Orjiakor Image

Orjiakor is a skilled and educated businessman that has contributed greatly to education, health, and self-empowerment.  some interesting parts of Orjiakor’s life include that after his primary and secondary school education he became a certified doctor in one of the Nigerian universities and has vast orthopedic and trauma surgeon experience after he worked with Lagos university teaching hospital and national orthopedic hospital. furthermore, he had also been chairman of some reputable companies that are not related to his field before beginning his personal company.

currently, he is the chairman of Neimeth pharmaceutical company aside from this he is into shipping, insurance, and banking.

8. TONY EZENNA – $1 billion dollars

tony-ezenna image

Tony is another pharmaceutic businessman and visionary humane man born in Rivers state but grew up in Onitsha. he owns the orange drug Nigeria limited that deals with the distribution of beauty and pharmaceutical goods exported from abroad.

From his life history, he never had the opportunity to further his university education due to financial constraints but was able to complete his primary and secondary education and as a result, he decided to join his father in his business.

9.IFEANYI PATRICK UBAH – $1.7 billion

Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah Image

Ubah is a significant entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer of the oil and gas industries limited. Apart from this, Ifeanyi Imports and also exports auto parts and tires.

from gatherings, he had once been an apprentice, a part of the Nigeria football association, and a senator with a net worth of 1.7bilion dollars.

Additionally, he hails from Anambra with no educational background for financial reasons and has 6 other siblings.

10. TONY ELUMELU – $700 Million

Tony-Elumelu Image

When it comes to a humble beginning, sudden business spotlight, and philanthropy, Elumelu can be mentioned. Elumelu came to the spotlight after acquiring the defunct standard trust bank and successfully merged it with the united bank for Africa. He is a well-known philanthropist and economist married to Dr.Awele Vivian Elumelu and has seven children.

One renowned philanthropy organization he currently oversees is the Tony Elumelu Foundation that is set up to empower young African startups with business mentoring and seed capital.

TEF as he’s popularly known began his banking and management career at a very young age when he served at union bank. At union bank, Elumelu showed a high level of discipline as he was never indicted for any form of corruption. With this level of diligence and forward-thinking mindset, he was able to rescue a dying bank by acquiring it.

Apart from serving as the chairman of UBA and the current chairman of Heirs Holding, Elumelu has served in other capacities as a partner with USAID, Nigerian Agricultural Transformation Council, and other reputable groups. Tony’s major agender is to create jobs for millions of young African yearly.

From the above list of top 10 Richest Igbo Men in Nigeria, there are very many lessons to learn such as diligence, forward mindedness. Though their beginning looks indeed rough and small, ye their belief never failed them.


Let me throw it back to you.

Which of these 10 Richest Igbo Men in Nigeria do you feel proud to have me mention in this post? Tony Elumelu, Cosmos Maduka or Ibeto?

Whichever one of them is your choice, simply let me know in the comment box below and your reason(s).





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