Three countries, one nation

By: Tiamiyu Idris

Among many weightier issues haemorrhaging our beloved nation’s unity, Nigeria, is the call and clamour for secession.

The mumbling clamour that started from the East has now begun to resonate so loud that it has now spread to the west.

I’m concerned and so would any patriotic Nigerian!

Why are these people dancing without a music? Many discerning Nigerians would agree with me that there are some ‘anonymous-high-and-mighty’ individuals clandestinely behind the movement of the dancers who plays the music.

Keep dancing we are behind you. Although we are only seeing the dancers with their rhythmic unpatriotic steps and movement but without the music they are dancing to, and not seeing those playing the music.

Maybe if the players of the music are credible artiste with a fine music, we might join them with the dance.

But where are they?

From some angle, it’s a 2023 game plan. So if their mouths won’t get to suck from the “National milk”, why shouldn’t they spill the milk?

From another angle, the forced entity amalgamated by Lord Lugard is too diametric to be joined together and called one.

Nothing works!

Marginalisation, bigotry, acrimony, neglect….. is the other of the day!

Ehn, I am speaking Igbo, he’s speaking Yoruba and they are speaking Hausa. Why should we be forced to be together?

The Hausas have mostly been dominating power followed by the Yorubas. When will an easterner be there?

Ehn… tell me, and you say we should be one. No, tufiakwa!


That’s the response you would probably get from few secessionist who arrogates themselves as the saviour of the long marginalized tribe/region.

So, to be enfranchised from the Hausa/Yoruba economic, Natural resources and political hegemony, secession is the way. They believe.

Many others have no tangible, sincere and straightforward reason to support the secession other than their unalloyed hatred and strong aversion for other tribes of the Nation, Nigeria.

Let’s acknowledge the fact that the reasons bandied around actually exist. If not as enormously purported, there’s modicum of truth in it!

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and seventh in the world is blessed with diverse people in the world. With so much enormous amount of resources and people, diverse tribes and cultures, different languages and colour, Nigeria is not expected to be even or perfectly in union

And in our bid to have a just and egalitarian Nigeria, secession seems to be the only option available on the choices of some groups and individuals

And that brings us to the question, is breaking away the solution?

Empirically NO! and SENTIMENTALLY YES!.

A fortiori of outcomes of seceded states, breaking away never absolutely solved their problems

But only feeds the ego of those with resentment for their boreal or austral brothers and those groups who believes the only way to get their share of the national cake is only when the centre falls.

Put two people of same sociocultural background together in a room that can conveniently contain four persons, if there’s no love lost between the two persons, I wager that the room won’t be able to contain them. But if there’s love, such room would contain six people conveniently. Our problem is hatred!

To the best of my knowledge, no country has an even social, cultural, political and economic background.

A country derives strength in diversity and unity and had God made not the earth diverse, don’t you think it would be boring?

The Green White Green shall keep flying never dropping never replaced.


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