There may be some truth in Obaseki’s N60 billion printing revelation — Wike.

                  By HENRY OKODUWA.

Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike has backed Godwin Obaseki’s claims of a purported N60 billion that was printed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to offset the recent payment of monthly allocations to states from the Federal Government.
Edo State governor, Obaseki had stunned Nigerians when he revealed that the CBN physically printed the humongous sum of money in a desperate bid to settle the allocations of states as it seemed there wasn’t enough cash flow in government vaults.
The CBN had swiftly denied the claims, describing it as spurious.
And Nigerians appear to have been left with a hollow feeling of dissatisfaction as attempts to pin CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele to a categorical statement has been dodgy at best.
But Rivers governor, Wike would again stoke the flames of controversy over the matter when he told Channels TV during an interview on Monday that he believed what Obaseki alleged.
“It’s unfortunate. Obaseki was in APC, so he understands them. He could not have come from the blues to say that the CBN printed N60 billion if he didn’t know,” Wike began.
“You saw how the CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele dodged the question when he was asked whether N60 billion was printed or not.
“Rather than answer the question, he was talking about governors paying back the money which was meant as a bail out.
“To my understanding, the money is a loan and it’s left for any governor who wants to take it to take it.
“But that was not the issue. The real issue is, was any N60 billion printed or not?”, he asked rhetorically.

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