The rotten sore of hopelessness

By: Livy-Elcon Emereonye

April 30, 2021

When we encounter something, our view about it may change for better or worse.

This is where experience becomes priceless. And certain experiences can last for a lifetime.

Therefore, there is the need for caution especially with our wishes, wants and needs but more with our actions and inactions.

That secret act done with ‘nobody’s knowledge’ may be exposed when not expected and the consequences may become a consuming fire. In other words, there is no secret under the heavens.

Most times, people don’t know what they have until they lose it – and such loss may come with regrets. But lost opportunities rarely repeat themselves so it makes no sense to cry over spilt milk.

A chapter is closed when the head is cut off. As we advance in age, we must learn to take responsibility for our actions and amend our ways where necessary.

Abuse is inevitable where value is not known – and every victim of abuse nurses the urge for revenge the nature of which cannot be predicted.

Even with a plea for forgiveness from high quarters and respected individuals, some find it difficult to forgive every deliberate act of wickedness done against them. Their bile boils with the thought, sight and feel of their scares that it becomes seemingly impossible for them not to go for pounds of flesh at all cost.

Out of complex, some people feel that it is only by pulling someone down that they can advance their own cause – and mischievously they keep secret alliance. However secret and sweet evil may look and taste, at the appointed time everyone that connived for it would be known, and at the appropriate time despite the cover up, everyone would be compensated adequately – evil for evil and blood for blood in the case of murder.

This is where people fight to finish.

In trying to be smart maybe by half, and in the search for a greener pasture even in a desert, we may lose our precious possessions including friendship that money cannot buy. This becomes worrisome and more burdensome where and when the present is fretted away for an imaginary glorious future that may never come.

For purely selfish reasons, some people can betray a trust and sell group interest for a peanut.

In hoping against hope, some people have lost their conscience and put up with many abominable things. Just to keep up with the tempo of new relationships and the idiocy of an anticipated higher position, some people have soiled their hands and become worthless with acts of double standards.


Some have not only raped their mothers but have gone ahead to sacrifice them for money and power – and one can only imagine what such characters can do with the possession of such money and power! Little wonder evil reigns supreme in the affairs of men today.

In trying to belong, some have ended up prematurely on the fast lane with nothing, absolutely nothing, to show for all the evil they did.

People commit atrocities and steal in the name of God. People kill in the name of money and power, losing the opportunity to advance the cause of humanity and make the world a better place.

This is the greatest undoing of our people especially the little minds that are easily carried away with little success. No one talk about morals and morality again instead every emphasis is on money and power. Get money quick at all cost is the new order that must be obeyed. Become powerful by all means for the end justifies the means.

A bird in hand worth more than two in the bush but some people out of greed can release their precious possession in anticipation for bigger things and end up losing everything.

It pays to appreciate and preserve what you have, make good use of it while praying for a better tomorrow. But nowadays, people want prosperity without hard work. And most times, it is greed that makes one a victim of fraud and thereafter an effigy of evil.

It is only a buffoon in the hopeless race for paralytic recognition and idiotic loyalty that can shamelessly sacrifice his people to please his psychotic lords but there is always an opportunity cost. One cannot have his cake and eat it.

It is very hard to be a misanthropist and a philanthropist at the same time. One cannot successfully serve two opposing masters at the same time. You can lie to every of your guest all the times and succeed in deceiving some of them for some time but you can never lie to your conscience and run away from your shadow.

There is no way to explain it that there was no element of devilish selfishness for a man to destroy what he is meant to protect and preserve.

In a bid to look more patriotic in the land of nepotism the chief masterminded the killing of his subjects and was bold to reveal such but from every indication such revelation cannot be normal. No sane mind can indulge into, and enjoy, the naked dance of madness.

It may not be ordinary for someone to own up for a crime even without interrogation. Something may be wrong somewhere. One may be at war with oneself otherwise there is no justification for such abnormality and the absurdity that followed. There might be cases of self betrayal and double dealings that come with shared loyalty!

Betrayal tastes sweet at the onset but the end thereof is disastrous as those who live by betrayal die by betrayal. It is a heavy load to carry.

Those who bite the finger that feed them often end up toothless without fingers. In the act of war, casualties can come from both sides so let no one beat the drum of war.

Like the effect of rotten tomatoes that can only be felt by the carrier especially where broken basket is used, the burden of a smeared conscience is unbearable and no matter how one tries to cover it up, the pains and shame would prevail.

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