By Val Iwuchukwu

The Almighty Father, the Creator and Ruler of all the worlds has never left His creation without helpers. His love permeates the entire creation renewing, nourishing and refreshing the entire universe. If He withdraws His love, everything will dry up and it will be as it was from the very beginning when only Him existed just before the fiat “Let there be light”.

In prehistoric times, just after the symbolic expulsion from Paradise, there has been this inner yearning by Early men to connect to their Creator. The human beings of that time couldn’t comprehend how come they came into being and exist, much less come to terms with the meaning of life.

This question of their existence kept them uncomfortable and it gradually turned from yearning to intense striving and seeking. This is natural because there is connection howbeit minute between the Creator and His creatures.

Under the eternal pressure of this connection, those early men that lived in caves after enduring the darkness and cold weather of the night woke up to the bright sunshine of glorious dawn, they started sensing that without sunshine they would have all died of cold and their physical eyes would have been useless. As a result they see in the sun, the sustainer of their lives and as a result they started worshipping the sun as their god.

Some that lived beside the stream or riverside, drink water from the stream, had their bath in the stream, fish on the stream. Farm all year round at the river Bank. They built trust on the river as the source of all life and all hope, as a result of these recognition, they made sacrifices on the river and worship therein.

On discovery of fire, some early men who found in it a kind of improvement on their lives by reason of the uses that fire could be put to. Their food became better under fire, it gives them warmth. They moved from eating raw food to roasted and cooked food. Their eating habit changed, and their physical body got more nourished and they looked better. They felt that fire could have something to do with their coming into being and exist, they started worshipping god of fire by setting up burn fire and dance round it in adoration.


These yearning, these seeking of these poor creatures groping in the dark in search of the face of their Creator however ascended upwards like prayers and the Almighty Father sent helpers to them. Specially called ones and Prophets were sent to them. And so we had Buanna in the heart if Africa, Zoaroaster in Iran, Krishna in China and recently Mohammed in Arabia. But it was like the Parable of the Wicked Tenants because human beings were gradually becoming intellectually inclined, thereby developing their frontal brain to the detriment of the spiritual, thereby lacking the strength to grasp things of spiritual value.

It got to the extent the Father decided to severe a part of Himself and sent His son in a manner He once sent some prophets that came back empty handed. When the tenants of the earth saw the son, they said “here comes the heir to the property” , they casted him outside the gate and murdered him. The parable of the wicked tenants came alive. It was with deep sorrow that darkness covered the face of the earth. However, before he was murdered in cold blood, He promised of one who will complete the work of salvation and at the same time bring judgement.

It is left for us to decipher whether the promised helper who will lead mankind to all the truth and lay down the laws which forms the basis and structure of creation has come.

The bottom line is that the love of God permeates all creation awakening the slumbering mankind to seek His face. That there is that spark of truth deep within man that connects them to lofty spiritual heights which is the eternal home of earthly mankind. It is that radiance that forms the magnetic force that for millennia has drawn mankind to the Creator. Let us heed to this call and connect back home.

Val Iwuchukwu is seen in some circle as a natural philosopher .

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