Sunday Igboho Risks 21 years Imprisonment in Benin Republic

By Tunde Dagold Friday July 23, 2021

The Youruba Activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo known as ‘Igboho’ may go in for 21 years Imprisonment in Benin Republic if guilty of forgery of Benin passport.

Speaking to BBC News Yoruba, the Chief Toluwalase in Benin Republic, explained
that, “Benin Republic is a small but law-abiding country, especially in the process of obtaining a citizen’s passport.”

Chief Toluwalase, who also described the procedures for obtaining a passport in Benin Republic, said in detail why Sunday Igboho had violated the law on the forgery of the passport.

Chief Toluwalase said those who organized the passport would also take part in the imprisonment.

He explained that it was not possible for anyone to obtain an international passport in Benin Republic without first obtaining a national identity card, the National Identity Card, NIC.

Anyone who is a citizen without a National Identity card cannot obtain a passport abroad, if obtained fraudulently, great danger awaits the detainee.

”Let me describe myself on the passport, “I am a native of Benin Republic, I am a Nigerian citizen and I have five children, three in Benin and two in Nigeria.

“What I want you to know is that only my three children born in Benin have a valid National Identity Card, my two Nigerian children do not have a passport.


“My wife is very old and the children gave me no access to these passports, except when we recently got married in a court of the Republic of Benin, only to be granted a national identity card in Benin.

“No turn after the wedding for a few months or a few years will be new steps to obtain the passport.

“One of the main ways in which non-Beninese people get a passport is to marry the citizen.

”The law enforcement agencies will soon arrest those who forge passports in Benin Republic because they do not have a ‘National Identity Card’ in the country.

Chief Toluwalase said those who forged a Benin Republic passport, their secrets were quickly revealed because the identity card number which they had to have before they could get a passport, would not exist.

He further added that the identity card usually has between four and five family members, confirming that the family members are in fact the holder of the passport with that name.

He continued, “The court is still sending letters to the family to prove that they know who is applying for the passport.

“The person who forge a passport will spend 21 years Imprisonment, I can not say whether it has changed now.”

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