Spare-parts dealers dwell in mansions not in farmlands, activist blasts Malami

By Edema Benson

Spare-parts dealers dwell in mansions not in farmlands, a human rights activist and author, comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, has stated.

Njoku was reacting to the statement credited to the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, following his pro-open grazing narrative, stating that spare-parts dealers dwell in mansions and are not animals in peoples’ farmlands and forests.

Activist Paul, added that, “Malami is evidently a sessional Attorney-General and Minister of Justice for the Killer Fulani herdsmen and shape-shifting reptilians who use their cattle businesses to violate the constitutional but fundamental human rights of the people including right to life, right to dignity, right to privacy and right to own properties as enshrined in Chapter IV of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”

“Spare-parts dealers are legitimate business people while Fulani killer herdsmen are illegitimate business reptilians.

“It is utterly unfortunate that a supposed Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, perhaps became a clueless lawyer by quota system. I am convinced that Mr. AGF does not know that the constitutional right to freedom of movement stops to exist when one uses it criminally such as rape, arson, landgrabbing, conquest, kidnapping, abduction and murder.

“Why do we have prisons and correctional centres for offenders? Njoku asked.

Recall that Abubakar Malami has protested that the resolve to ban open-grazing by the Southern governors is equivalent to prohibiting spare- parts dealers from doing their legitimate business in the North.

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Speaking on the development on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, in an interview on Channels television, Malami noted that a ban on open grazing does not align with the provisions of the constitution.


In his words, “It is about constitutionality within the context of the freedoms expressed in our constitution. Can you deny the rights of a Nigerian? For example, it is as good as saying, perhaps, the northern governors coming together to say they prohibit spare-parts trading in the North.

“Does it hold water? Does it hold water for a northern governor to come and state expressly that he now prohibits spare parts trading in the North?

“If you are talking of constitutionally guaranteed rights, the better approach to it is to perhaps go back to ensure the constitution is amended. Freedom and liberty of movement among others established by the constitution, if by an inch you want to have any compromise over it, the better approach is to go back to the national assembly to say open grazing should be prohibited and see whether you have the desired support for the constitutional amendment.

“It is a dangerous provision for any governor in Nigeria to think he can bring any compromise on the freedom and liberty of individuals to move around”, Malami said.

Reacting further, activist Paul said, “Please, can someone tell Malami that spare- parts dealers live in mansions and not in farmlands and forests?

“Can Malami be told that spare-parts dealers buy or pay for their shops to ensure justifiable businesses than using their spare- parts commodities to occupy spaces, rape, kill people and infringe on other peoples’ businesses, livelihood and businesses?

“Can Malami be informed that spare- parts dealers add value to life and the economy of the nation unlike the Fulani killer herders?

“Spare-parts dealers are not animals who live in farmlands and forests. They are not shape-shifting reptilians, arsonists rapists and murderers whose primary agenda is landgrabbing, bloody conquest and ruthless occupation”.

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