Social media trends for Saturday 15th May, 2021

By Phil Obin

Sunday May 16, 2021


Yahaya Bello, All Nigerians, Kogi, President in 2023

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, was terribly trolled on social media after he said on Friday that
“Nigerians; the youth and women, and all Nigerians, including very objective Elites are asking me to run for President in 2023.”

Bello who made the comment while speaking on Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today’, was quickly tackled by a cross-section of Nigerians who said he was lying because no one in the country would ever desire to have him as president in view of his abysmal performance as a governor.

A tweep, @adeyanjudeji declared that “Yahaya Bello is not fit to be president of a pig farm. Kogi State is the worst governed state in Nigeria. Civil servants are feeding from dustbins.”

Another user, @TundeEddnut wrote, ‘All Nigerians have been asking me to run for President in 2023.’ – Yahaya Bello, Kogi State Governor. Abeg who are the ‘All Nigerians’? Joker!”

Also, @drbonnyhills said “A man who hasn’t been able to properly manage a state like Kogi, wants to run for president in 2023. Well, I won’t blame him because our politicians know that there is hunger everywhere. And they can use the money to buy their way to the top.”

The flurry of rebuttals trailing Bello’s comment have proven that he has not earned the endorsement of Nigerians as he claimed.

The trend and other related hashtags gathered over 50,000 tweets.


Tinubu, Asiwaju
Some Nigerians who are using the age card against Bola Tinubu’s presidential ambition may start having a rethinking because a good number of those who believe in the Jagaban’s cause have dismissed age as consideration for vying for the top political office in the land.

See some of the reactions that followed the trend when Tinubu’s presidential ambition was put up for public scrutiny on social media today.

@Egi_nupe_: “Why exactly are you people age shaming Tinubu? There’s nothing wrong with him aspiring to be President of this country. You all should better get ready for this man by presenting a stronger person because he’s gonna give it all to realize his long-time aspiration.”

@EmmanuelAniki: “The funny thing is even their Atiku is older than Tinubu, but they want to age shame Tinubu.”

The trend peaked at about 15,000 reactions.

Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho was at the middle of ‘Yoruba Nation’ rally in Osogbo when heavy rain and storm disrupted it.

Many say the intervention of the rain was a bad omen which didn’t augur well for the agitation.

Also reacting, a former Kaduna Senator, @ShehuSani said “The Heavy rainfall that dispersed the separatist agitators in Osogbo is a divine message for them to change cause and work for the unity of our country. The idea of an ethnic or religious purist state stems from a xenophobic mind intolerant to co-existence.”

But supporting the rally, former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode via his Twitter handle @realFFK, said “Sunday Igboho hit Osogbo today for a massive rally on Oduduwa! The crowd was passionate, ecstatic, and overwhelming. Sunday is the greatest force and most popular figure in the SW today. His heart is pure. Those who stand against him are standing in front of a moving train.”

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