Social Media trends: Aso Rock, armed robbery

By Phil Obin

Wednesday May 12, 2021

An online platform had reported that both Gambari and Maikano were robbed inside Aso Rock Villa.

According to the report which has been trending online, armed robbers had invaded Aso Rock and emptied the residences of Gambari and Maikano.

The news which was received with shock and disbelief generated series of reactions from a cross-section of Nigerians on Twitter.

Clarifying the misconception, those who are familiar with the area argued that ‘Aso Rock’ is actually different from ‘Presidential Villa’ – a fact most Nigerians do not understand or know.

They further explained that Aso Rock is just like any other Estate or residential zone and clearly demarcated from the Presidential Villa, and that the Chief of Staff to the president lives in Aso Rock, not Presidential Villa, as erroneously flown by some media outlets.


They also added that although Aso Rock enjoys extended security and amenities from the Presidential Villa, the estate has hardly recorded such unfortunate security bridge before now.

Affirming this, a Twitter user, @OgbeniDipo said “The Presidential Villa is actually inside Aso Rock. Aso Rock is huge. Armed Robbers that attempt to rob inside Aso Rock want a death wish. Armed Robbers that attempt to rob inside Presidential Villa? Maybe they offended their evil stepmother or they want to die a painful death.”

Another user, @cchukudebelu said “I don’t believe “armed robbers invaded Aso Rock”, this is a cock and bull story, if I’ve ever heard one.
Somebody, somewhere is trying to hide something.”

Meanwhile, the Presidency was reported to have confirmed the incident.

This is as some Nigerians hoped that the government would act fast on insecurity in the nation following the attack.

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