Senator Rochas Okorocha Yet To “Speak” 24 Hours of Gulak Assassination

By: Frank Nwaete

That an ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS (APC) Chieftain from Adamawa State and a former Political Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak was assasinated in Owerri the IMO State Capital on Sunday 30th May 2021 is no longer News.

But what is now News is that 24hours after the gruesome assasination, the former Governor of IMO State and Distinguished Senator Rochas Okorocha, who claims to have brought the ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS (APC) to IMO State in particular and South East in general, is yet to “Speak” or “Comment” on the incident!

Recall that recently, Rochas Okorocha Aide FCC JONES ONWUASOANYA, disparaged His Excellency Chief Emeka Ihedioha on the Social Media Platforms, that he has not Spoken out on the Security Situation in IMO State.

Saying that his “Silence remains irresponsible and suspect”!

Yes, Your guess is as good as Mine, but I had also expected FCC JONES ONWUASOANYA to expend same strength in drawing the attention of Senator Rochas Okorocha to the News of Ahmed Gulak assasination and the need for him to “SPEAK” Out or Comment

Let’s We forget that in 2019, Ahmed Gulak was sent to IMO State to conduct the IMO APC GOVERNORSHIP Primaries, which Ugwumba Uche Nwosu was in the fore-front to Win.

Gulak on arrival to the IMO State was received by then Governor Rochas Okorocha and his Men and lodged Gulak into the ROCKVIEW Hotel, near Government House Owerri, after convincing him to deposit the Primary Materials with the Police, which Gulak obliged .

Surprisingly, as early as 4am the next Morning, Ahmed Gulak had absconded from the ROCKVIEW Hotel Room to an unknown location.

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Ostensibly in connivance with Senator Hope Uzodinma (Remember Hope Uzodinma Ben Johnson way theory)!

A search for Gulak ensued, the Nwanne ihuru Gulak theory” surfaced and in all these, Hope Uzodinma was part of the “Search”!


And joined in the storming of Senator Osita Izunaso Owerri residence in search of Gulak.

In all these, no one else knew that Ahmed Gulak was acting Hope Uzodinma Script, until he surfaced in Abuja and declared Hope Uzodinma” Winner” of the Primaries which was never Conducted!

That was when it now dawned on Gov Rochas Okorocha that something was fundamentally wrong with the upcoming electoral process!


Since FCC JONES ONWUASOANYA described His Excellency Governor Emeka Ihedioha “Silence” as “Irresponsible and Suspect”, I make haste to borrow same words from him to say that Senator Rochas Okorocha Silence on the Owerri assassination of his Party Man Alhaji Ahmed Gulak is “MOST IRRESPONSIBLE AND PRIMELY SUSPECT”!

Like FCC JONES ONWUASOANYA also said about Emeka Ihedioha and I also borrow same, Senator Rochas Anayo Ethelbert Okorocha has for his personal or Political Convenience, failed to Speak out on the gruesome assasination of Ahmed Gulak, means betrayal, either a Coward, Selfish Leader or unqualified in the first place to be so addressed as a Leader!

I advise My good friend FCC JONES ONWUASOANYA and his Boss Senator Rochas Okorocha to Immediately Practice what they Preach.

And the earliest they do, the best for them.

Kettle cannot possibly call Pot black

Rest in Peace Ahmed Gulak.

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