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We have read the report that the lmo State Government, with Chief Hope Uzodinma as the Governor, had changed the name of Eastern Palm University, to kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University.

The government had also gone ahead to mount a big signboard at the University to reflect the purported new name of the lnstitution.

ln reaction to that development, we make hay to let the government know that, Changing the name of the University was not proper. Not proper and advisable in the circumstance.

The government is a party to all the cases in courts with the appropriate or competent jurisdictions, concerning the University.

One of such cases in courts boarders on the ownership of the University. The University was built on Private Public Partnership, PPP, arrangement, involving the Government and Rochas Foundation, incorporated. Until the courts decide on the ownership of the institution , further actions on the University, including changing the name , would be seen or regarded as misplaced actions . Such actions could equally jeopardize or scratch the flesh and blood of the cases in question .


Again, the name with the National University Commission, NUC, is Eastern Palm University. And a new name could not have been  given to the University, without putting into due consideration, the name domiciled at the supervising or authorizing body. ln other words, the name with which the University was registered.

And we are also aware that the NUC could not have changed the name of the University at this point or stage, with all the documents before it or available to it.

So, in all ramifications, the name of the University remains Eastern Palm University. If the courts rule today or tomorrow, that the University belongs to the State government, the government can or could or would, at that point, go ahead to change the name of the University. But for now, cases concerning the University are in various courts of our land . And since the ownership of the institution has become contentious, it is advisable and indeed, appropriate to wait for the decision of the court on the issue.

It is also important to stress that, the Rochas Foundation, incorporated, has no personal problem with the name Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe, one of the illustrious sons of ldeato in particular and Nigeria in general, who had bestrode the political landscape of this country like a Colossus. May his gentle soul, continue to rest in the bossom of the LORD. AMEN

Sam Onwuemeodo.

Special Adviser on Media, to the former governor of lmo state and Senator, Representing lmo West Senatorial District .

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