Ohanaeze Youth Council Appeals to Unknown Gunmen to Cease Fire

•Asks Governors to Embrace Governance, Create Jobs for youths

By: La Belle Reine D’Awka.

May 1,2021


The Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC) have appealed to unknown gunmen launching attacks on security agents and structures in the South East and South-South to cease fire and embrace peace through dialogue.

National President of OYC, Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka while speaking to newsmen in Enugu on Saturday May1st, 2021 on the recent security challenges in the Eastern region, noted that with the level of poverty in Nigeria, the security threats and challenges will affect the life of a common man on the street, and lead poor Nigerians into abject poverty.

Comrade Igboayaka noted that as a result of neglect of the #EndSARS protest by the Nigerian Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari constituted to the rise of unknown gunmen who are now opposing the government in the East.

“It’s on record that the old Eastern Nigeria witnessed the highest victims of police brutality and extra-judicial killings, and no justice was made for the youths that lost their lives in the hands of Nigeria security agents. All these I suspect triggered the rampage of unknown gunmen causing mayhem in the East,” Igboayaka recounted.

“The security challenges you are seeing today in the East is simply a remote cause of how the Nigerian government and governors of Igbo extraction handled the #EndSARS protest. The youths were harassed, intimidated and killed by security agents for protesting, yet after the protest both the president and the governors are swimming in looting of our common wealth.

“All the conditions and proposal made by Nigerian youths was swept under the carpet, but I appeal to aggressive unknown gunmen to cease fire to give dialogue and negotiation and a chance to put our dear country back to track,” Igboayaka passionately appealed.


He added: “We’re aware that many youths who are breadwinners of their families lost their lives in extrajudicial killings from security agents, and today our brothers who are serving in various security agencies have also lost their lives. Two wrongs can’t make a right, let this over two months of security challenges, killings and burning be a lesson to all in the history of Nigeria political survival.

“For other group of gunmen who are being sponsored by some political shenanigans, let it be known to every Nigerian youths that no single Nigerian politician is worthy of dying for, when they finish using you, they will come after you with another gang, or label you a terrorist. The ordeal of Osisikankwo in Abia state should be a lesson to every Nigerian youths working for disgruntled political elements. No youth is their friend; their friend is a particular political interest at every period.

“The blood of Nigerian youths have been spilled for many years, courtesy of Nigerian politicians, all in an attempt to grab power, the youths are the worst victim in the Nigeria project, since 1960 till date, politicians na eji anyi agbazu ahia.”

Comrade Igboayaka warned the external political elements that are using the circumstance of youth restiveness in the eastern Nigeria as a result of post EndSars violence attack on government properties and institution to unleash attack on government properties in the Eastern region since two months to flee from Alaigbo, before the surveillance intelligent on ground in Igbo land expose them and deal with them ruthlessly.
Comrade Igboayaka blasted governors of Igbo extraction, stating that their poor approach over job creation is one of the reasons for the unknown gunmen activities, maintaining that it’s very easy to recruit idle youths who have graduated for many years without a job to constitute security threat.

“Our governors must see job creation as a rapid approach to arrest insecurity, rather than declaring curfews. The governors must quickly create homes for drug rehab center, because 99% of youths into many crimes are on drugs.

“Our governors must see youth summit proposed by Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC) as a very important thing to do now; youth summit of communities that are not political motivated, but youth oriented.

“Let’s give our leaders last chance to amend their ways, let’s cease from this destructive approach and see a bright future before us and our unborn children. Let’s return home and cease from every violent attack and team together to rebuild our confidence in our leaders if they repent,” Comrade Igboayaka appealed.


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