By, Antiquity Prince

I have taken my time to go through all that happened today, October 21, 2021, all I could see was, that THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA HAS SUCCEEDED IN MAKING MAZI NNAMDI KALU MORE POPULAR THAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

What else could I say…? That Nnamdi Kalu was brought to the court today with more than 20 fully loaded Hilux, full of security men on different uniform, colours cum outfits. I mean, all the security agencies, from military, D.S.S/Police, Civil Defence, and others, were hired, to protect, guide & guard Nnamdi Kalu. Maybe, F.G in their wisdom may be thinking that they were stopping him from escape, but what I saw was, THEY WERE GIVEN NNAMDI KALU MORE SECURITY THAN BUHARI HAS EVER GOTTEN.

Honestly speaking, the number & types of security men, the entourage, F.G gave to Nnamdi Kalu today, when he was coming to Court and when he was going, no man, no President, no Governor, no Senator, etc, has ever gotten it in Nigeria, not even Abacha & Babangida, as Military Presidents, got it, yes, they couldn’t. In fact, if you combine the total security of Buhari when he was a military President (Head of State) and now, he has never gotten *at a time* the type of security cum entourage he ordered for Nnamdi Kalu today.

I put it to you, F.G, Buhari & others, you have made MAZI NNAMDI KALU more popular than that Federal Government of Nigeria, more than all the leaders in Nigeria.

Go to social media and see how people are wishing to be Igbos, see how many people were singing, *’HOLY, HOLY …. HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, NNAMDI KALU IS ANOTHER SAVIOUR”*, all before the D.S.S , Army and other Law Enforcement Agents. Even when Buhari came to Imo State, his sophisticated security men were less than 30% of the security he provided for Nnamdi Kalu today.

I watched where leaders of Igbos, Housas & Yorubas were leading Nnamdi Kalu to the court room, at a time, the fearless and over courageous man stopped, removed his nose mask, waited a bit, everybody stopped, he continued, then everybody followed him immediately. That man is a real man.


Today, through out the country, all TV & radio stations were on, people put on their generators to watch Nnamdi Kalu, others had to recharge their GoTv & DStv, tunning different stations, just to watch him, as if Queen Elizabeth & Joe Biden combined (together), were coming to Nigeria. A young man in the social media was saying, *’I wish I can touch the garment of Nnamdi Kalu”*… Many said, *’I love the Igbos and the ways they follow Nnamdi Kalu”*.

No doubt, by tomorrow, no media, especially newspapers, I mean, none of them will talk much about F.G & Buhari, tomorrow’s news will be captioned and garnished with Nnamdi Kalu’s News, Stories, Pictures, comments (Not Guilty), etc.

My question is this…. F.G, what next? Anambra election is to hold 6th of November, 2021, Nnamdi Kalu’s next Court case will be on 10th of November, hhhhhhmmnnmmnnmnnnn, your guess is as good as my guess.

Finally, before I drop my pen … The NIGERIA DEFENCE ACADEMY was attacked, many kidnapped & killed… Many soldiers have been killed in the North by bandits, no where did the military burn any house, but why did the military burn 72 houses at Oguta last three weeks, and another over 50 houses burnt down yesterday at Egbema, including human beings oo, all in Imo State?… *CHAI, IKE AGWULA DIBIA UWAA.*

_Antiquity with positivity and simplicity ambiguity dignity uniquity integrity without iniquitous iniquities or inimical indignity_


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