Of Party Delegates and People’s Desires: Hopes Appeal!

By Pat Uchendu

There comes a time when in political parties, a name, or a group becomes the most important which can’t be broken into Initials.

Upon their shoulders must of necessity decisions made. They can be incisive, patriotic, pivotal as to where lie multitude of hopes for the good of a people. But they are not Initials. They are Delegates, party delegates and the ace can be in their hands.

As Anambra primary election moves closer to centre stage, all eyes want to see how the delegates dance a democracy dance. For indeed a democracy dance it would be to get us what, when and how from Agu Awka.


In Anambra, all eyes are on PDP, not just as a veritable party, but about the calibre of their generals campaigning for governorship. But amongst these Generals is a Marshal of no mean accolade in dividends of democracy. His name is Engr Chris Azubogu.

We appeal to you, PDP Delegates, to look at antecedents, actions, visible projects, passion, vision and about he who can take decisions with you and the rest of the indigenous people of Anambra State to solve her problems.

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