Nigeria needs capital punishment for corrupt officials – Oluwo

By Febian Metu, August 1, 2021

The Oluwo of Iwo land in Osun State, Abdulrasheed Akanbi, on Saturday, July 31, urged the federal government to initiate laws that would ensure capital punishment for convicted corrupt officials.

The traditional ruler gave the advice in Abuja at a public presentation of four books authored by a lawyer, Aminu Alilu, a prosecutor and head of the Complex Case Group in the Federal Ministry of Justice.

The four books, none of which is law-related, are The Tongue of Silence (an African play); Arrows in the Shadows (an African play); The Global Bugaboo (a poetry collection), and The Wise Mans’ Scripture (a collection of wise/witty sayings).

In his remarks at the book launch which drew dignitaries from all walks of life, the Oluwo commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his campaign against corruption.

Mr Akanbi, who described Mr Buhari as incorruptible, said he “is the only one standing because I know he never stole any money”.

He, however, attributed the dying health system, among societal ills to corruption.

“I commend President Buhari-led administration for creating a vigorous awareness against corruption.

“We want more from His Excellency; an enforcement of capital punishment for corrupt officials is enough to place Nigeria at the verge of developed nation.

“Without such, effective management of the country’s resources will always be questionable.

“Mr President, we need enforcement of death penalty for the corrupt officials,” he said.

He equally urged the youth to assist his monarchical teaching committed to checkmating corruption in the traditional system.

Mr Akanbi also charged the president on the need to respect federal character in federal appointments to entrench unity in the country.

President Buhari’s appointments have been criticised for being skewed in favour of the Muslim majority northern Nigeria.

“In addition to corruption fighting, President Buhari should endeavour to balance federal appointments,” Mr Akanbi said on Saturday.

“Respect for federal character is a factor to entrench our unity and promote oneness. A fact check should be done and necessary adjustment made.

“A step forward to addressing such will pave way for other collaborative moves at strengthening the unity of Nigeria,” he added.


Nigeria,” he added.

Mr Akanbi urged the Ministry of Justice to be the vehicle through which appropriate laws and legislations are made to stamp out corruption and criminal activities in the system.

He urged Nigerians to love one another irrespective of religious, ethnic or political difference.

“It is time for Nigeria to be detribalised.

“God gives us the diversity to strengthen our togetherness and not to divide us.

“Our grievances can be politely presented without destruction of our legacies.

“While we plead to government to review barbaric policies not in tune, I personally appeal to Nigerians mostly the youth to be civic in their demand,” he said.

The traditional ruler, who condemned the increasing rate of ritual killings in parts of the country, called on the government to legislate capital punishment for ritual killers.

“Ritual killings is prevalent and consume more innocent souls than Boko Haram and banditry.

“Private parts of women, men, children are harvested; people are killed on a daily basis by these ritual killers all because of money.

“It is anti-human,” he said.

He enjoined the youth to refrain from cultism, while tasking Nigerian authors to create awareness in their literary work to curtail the menace.

The monarch said he had met many authors “but I have not met any who wrote four books at a time.

“Aminu is a poet, playwright, a novelist and an aphorist,” he said.

He commended Mr Alilu for writing the books, saying, “Authors are generational builders”.

He said not only that he came up with the intellectual property at a time when the country and its men were struggling to survive the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, but “it is a pure indication that great men are always without excuse.”

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