Licensed customs agents suspend, Denca Services, former BOT Chairman, and 2 others.

                     By Henry Okoduwa. Lagos

The Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has distanced itself from a group of former executives still parading themselves as bonafide, duly elected members of the body long after they were sacked by the courts for what it has called “gross misconduct”.
Former member and Board of Trustees (BOT) chairman, Taiwo Mustapha of Pyramids and Associates and three others — Dennis Okafor, of Denca Services Ltd, Joe Sanni Adumaza, Multimodial Freight Logistics and Taiye M Oyeniyi of Macmary Frieght Agency– who were sacked from various headship positions in the association after a Federal High Court ruling in Lagos on October 11, 2019, have continued to enjoy the rights and privileges of their offices in defiance of the judgment.
In a strongly worded official statement released from the corporate offices of the new executives in Lagos on Tuesday, ANLCA said it was shocked that Mustapha and his “co-travellers” have disdained the judgment delivered by Honourable Justice R.M Aikawa and continued to conduct themselves in a manner capable of “misleading” the public.
Referring to SUIT NO: FHC/L/CS/1274/2018 in the case in which the judge ruled in favour of Skysail Nigeria Limited and Chief Peter Obi (who were the plaintiffs), against the registered trustees of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Agents, ANLCA ( in which the duo of Messrs Tony Nwabunike and Taiwo Mustapha were joined as defendants), the statement wondered why the aggrieved members would prefer to ignore the court decision and pretend it didn’t exist on one hand, and going on to seek “interim injunctions” in a desperate bid to hang on to power, on the other.
“It’s important to inform the general public that since this judgment was delivered on October 11, 2019, Taiwo Mustapha and co. have not appealed the judgment in any court of law.
“Rather, he and his group are still parading themselves as ANLCA BOT chairman and members respectively.
“It is also for the public to note that instead of appealing this judgment, Taiwo Mustapha and co have been going around various courts to obtain interim injunctions through exparte applications for the purpose of misleading the courts and misinforming the public. Hence this public notice becomes necessary,” the statement signed by Val Iwuchukwu on behalf of current president, Tony Iju Nwabunike, said.
The association also used the opportunity to disclose that, on the strength of it’s constitutional provisions which stipulates a mandatory six-year term for the BOT chairman, Mustapha’s tenure in office would  ordinarily have elapsed by now.
Nwabunike also said that the group’s failure to appeal the court ruling and make themselves available for elective positions during the last elections that held in December 2020 have now, even the more, made their cases quite untenable.
On the basis of the foregoing, ANLCA warned the public to desist from having dealings with them, as they have been suspended by it’s National Disciplinary Committee on the strength of it’s findings.
The suspension took effect from March 21, 2021.

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