14 Amazing Kids With Superpowers Plus The Source Of Their Super Powers.

Most parents desire to birth kids with superpowers i.e. kids with special abilities in school/classroom learning, sports, and other areas. While this desire is true with all parents, the truth remains, not all children can fall within this category of kids with superpowers.

While some kids are naturally gifted, we cannot also rule out the fact that some kids get molded into acquiring superpowers by several conditions ranging from the environment to the readiness of the family to be useful to them.

Let get started with the supervillain

1. Liam Hoekstra

Liam has Myostatin is a perfect example of the kids with superpowers.  Liam has a gene mutation which is a combination of excess strength and a little body fat from an early age which was confirmed by doctors who birthed him. Interestingly, when he was 4months, 5months, 6months, 1year, 18months he could hold his upper head and body up, walk upright, walk up the stairs without help, do chins up and move family furniture. At 3 years old, he could do as many sit-ups as possible just like a grown toddler. Liam was adopted by Michigan-based Dana and Neil Hoekstra in 2005 He is also known for being one of the strongest children in the world.

2. Ben underwood

Ben is one of the kids with superpowers.  Ben was born in 1992 in America with retinoblastoma (a cancerous disease that starts with the retina) This disease led to the removal of his eyes at the age of 3year after it was diagnosed at the age of 2 years. At the age of 5, he could pick the position of objects by making sounds with his tongue also, he could do what every complete child does such as climbing trees, playing video games, and riding a bike….. Amazing. Ben eventually died as a famous individual years after doctors tried to save him through chemotherapy.

3. Boriska Kipriyanovich

Looking for a couple of kids with superpowers in the world? You’ve got to look the way of Boris Kipriyanovich. Boris was born in 1996 to two Russian parents (Both physicists). At a tender age, Boriska sang so well and also designed so dexterously to the amazement of everyone.  Apart from this and more importantly, Boris talks very much about Mars (planet) with claims that he lived on the red planet before he was born. This claim baffled scientists all over the world especially when Boriska illustrated how people go by ship from earth to mars.

4. Emma Tablate

Emma is one of my top picks for kids with superpowers. This kid is really a pack of Superpowers. She could begin a real fire with her mind and also control it. This is a replica of the common air, water, fire bender we see when we watch the avatar. her mind is indeed a perfect ground of power.

5. Anna Belysh


Anna Belysh is also one of the unique kids with superpowers. The super ability of Anna lies in her leg. She is a beautiful Russian teen whose parents found her to be a super kid at an early age.  At an early age, Anny trained herself to fire bow and arrow with her legs and hands towards the ground without missing her target.

6. Nong Yongshi

Nong is one of the selected kids with superpowers. Nong has blue eyes that change with time and condition. when in a dark place, his eyes would illuminate a blue-green light like the cat. After he was born, the parents were told his eyes were different and that it is not a serious issue. Apart from this, the doctors also said that it would become normal when he is grown but it never became normal. Nong was indeed an outstanding and astonishing child even to his teacher who asked him to go catch a cricket and he did without a light. An arithmetic test was conducted for him by his teacher which he completed in the dark all alone.

7.Broc Brown

The genetic disorder of Broc which he was diagnosed with has made him a fulfilled young man at the YMCA sports center. He indeed deserves to be mentioned as one of the kids with superpowers. His Sotos syndrome disorder made him uncontrollably tall and famous in the field of sport. His 7ft 9ins height has given him recognition as one of the tallest young boys who does brilliantly well as a Michigan.

8. Nikolai kryaglyachenko

He is another superhero with the ability to magnetize metallic objects with his body. Nikolai is a 12years Russian. Nikolai may have never been named here as one of the kids with superpowers if the tragic event mentioned below did not happen to him.

Nikolai began to notice that metallic objects magnetize his body after electrocution at school. This singular event changed his life forever as he was soon known as the magnet boy.

9. Nandana Unnikrishnan

9 years old Nandana, an autistic beautiful young girl with a super ability to read minds. There are really no secret moments when Nandana is around you because she can obviously tell your thoughts to you. Some of Nandana’s notable moments include: Being the first to tell her parents about an outing they have planned for her, without her consent. Telling her mum the sort of food she’s intending to prepare.


Despite her autistic deficiency, Nandana is still one of my favorite kids with superpowers because the powers are reflected positively in her academy. On the part of her mum, she never found it difficult to manage Nandana since she has had the opportunity to manage other kids with varying degrees of disabilities.

10. Yang Jinlong

Are you looking for one of the champions amongst kids with superpowers? then look no further away from this  7years old Chinese, yang. So chilling to know that a 7 years old boy has the power to move a car with the aid of a rope tied to his waist. Yang was said to possess a sort of super strength to engage in adult-prone activities such as weight lifting. At some time in his childhood life, yang lifted his father from the ground. In other instances, he was seen carrying a bag of grain on his strong shoulder.

Yang is a voracious eater and this must have also contributed to his excessive of 50kg at age 7.

11.Hasnah Mohamed Meselman

Hasnah, 12years old girl is also one of my favorite kids with superpowers. From her eyes fall pure crystals whenever she cries.

According to scientists who analyzed these crystals, it was discovered that they are pure crystals.

12. EliseTan Robert

Not many persons are gifted with a high IQ. The few who get the blessing of a high IQ are happy they did. In the case of EliseTan, she not only got a high IQ  blessing, but she also got it in double dose. This is my reason for featuring her as one of my top kids with superpowers.

EliseTan is the youngest person to have joined the MENSA IQ test at the age of 2 years and some months. currently, she is a news presenter and also makes short films for schools of discovery. Elise who enjoys netball could list different languages from an early age. Surprisingly at 5month, she could also even talk.

13. Natasha Demkina

We all know that an x-ray can be used in the hospital to view the internal part of the human body. surprisingly, a young lady Natasha has the ability to see the internal part of people just like an x-ray machine. from the examination carried out on her by the CSICPC(Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal Community) and CSMMH( Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health) using 5 diseased persons as samples, Natasha detected 4 diseased persons and narrowly missed the last.

14. Deepak Jangra

We all know that resistors are made for the purpose of electrical resistance. But, today an electricity voltage resistor exists in this teen who was born in 1997 in India. He discovered this while he was helping his mother with an electric heater. It is indeed an incredible and mystic wonder to many who has seen and watched him perform this in public. Deepak can confidently hold an 11,000 volt electric cable without harm.


So far, I have made efforts to make a list of 14 kids with superpowers. You will agree with me that although some of their abilities look bewildering, they are also very scary.

So let me turn this over to you….

Which of these 14 kids with superpowers got you really scared? Is it Nong Yongshi, Liam Hoekstra or even the young and beautiful Hasnah Mohamed Meselman?

Whoever it is, just let me know in the comment section below.

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