Kanu’s Trial: The Clouds Are Gathering…

By Tai Emeka Obasi Tuesday, July 27, 2021

“Man-Mountain Emmanuel Oguejiofor Okala cuddles the ball like a baby, he bounces it once, watches the field … then changes his mind from making his characteristic long kicks… and rolls it to his Captain… Chairman Christian Chukwuemeka Chukwu receives the ball, caresses it with his right foot towards the centre circle…then sends a telegram to the outside left where Adokie Amasiemeka is operating.

“Adokie brings the ball down with a touch of magic… I call him Chief Justice..he gets rid of one man by shear body movement, gets rid of another…then sends a floater towards the periphery of the opponents’ eighteen…the ball lands on the chest of shortish Atuegbu…he brings it down and…and … a shot!

“My-o-my…over the bar!”

A beat.

“Blockbuster Aloysius Atuegbu released a thunderous shot but it flew inches over the upright!

“It is still nil-nil. But the Flying Antelopes are galloping. THE CLOUDS ARE GATHERING. A goal is smelling…I can feel it.”

I was still in my primary school when I heard the phrase, ‘the clouds are gathering’ from Ernest Okonkwo for the first time.

If you were too young to listen to Ernest Okonkwo on radio then you missed the magnificent aura of the Lionel Messi of football commentaries. Just like Chinua Achebe, they were the best in their trades. And they were Igbo men. Just like Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief M. I. Okpara and a host of others.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is an Igbo man too. He may not have been in same mold with the aforementioned but believe me, the clouds are gradually gathering. But it’s not Ernest Okonkwo’s clouds. This is not about football. This is more serious, much more serious. It’s a matter of self-determination. A matter of freedom for the future of the continued greatness of the Igbo man. It’s even as serious a matter like life and death.

When we were growing up we looked up to those great Igbo sons as models. But today, fear and despair have taken over. Most can’t become whatever they dreamed of becoming in this country because they’re Igbo men. Our desire for self-determination was murdered and a set of people who don’t have same gene, neither the enterprise and ability of the Igbo man, are directing our affairs.

Many Igbo men have been effectively conquered psychologically that they started measuring success via criminality. Imagine an Igbo governor, who sees looting his state’s treasury and sending abroad as success!

When the Igbo man caught on this general level of corruption, they set up the EFCC as a measure of control. Step out of turn and the Presidential Police come knocking. And they don’t even have to dig. The reckless corruption of our politicians are there on the surface. So, they obey table manners to the maximum.

That is why President Muhammadu Buhari pronounced Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB as terrorists and all our governors kept quiet. Table manners!

But finally many Igbo men are no longer keeping quiet. Yesterday at the Abuja High Court, I saw enough to rekindle my pride as an Igbo man. MNK is no longer just the property of IPOB. He is now being effectively represented like a very courageous Igbo hero he is.


He started a very genuine fight. Never mind his methods. He evidently used the only method that would bring us to where we presently are.

Buhari has not only ordered for the killing of many Igbo youths while approaching a very delicate situation very wrongly, his desperation has also pushed him to commit international crime with the extraordinary rendition of the IPOB leader.

Gladly, a team of evidently crack lawyers led by Aloy Ejimakor and Ifeanyi Ejiofor are tightening all the legal screws around Buhari’s reckless balls to make the ex-general answer to the international community.

Kanu’s non presentation in court by the DSS yesterday was a proof that the clouds are indeed gathering. The Government team were obviously scared that the crime of extraordinary rendition would have been a serious embarrassment to the watching world.

The question is – for how long will they run away from international justice? As providence will have it, Sunday Igboho, the replica of MNK in the Southwest, is equally stretching Buhari at same time, with tiny Benin Republic teaching Kenya lessons in international diplomacy and due processes of extradition.

I beg Kanu’s team of lawyers to understand they have a huge challenge – a date with destiny with the history books already recording. You’ll become instant heroes in Igbo land the moment you appropriately achieve Kanu’s unconditional freedom. Let that be your motivation. So far you have done marvellously well.

Let me express my gratitude also to the leadership of Ohaneze. Maybe because you don’t have to observe table manners, you’ve made our governors appear what they are – bunch of cowards!

And my sincere appreciation and a trailer-load of thanks to all Igbo sons and daughters who defied intimidation and the rains to offer solidarity.

I saw my man, Dickson Iroegbu and Omoyele Sowore being harassed and eventually arrested but shortly released after. You guys made my day.

To those still sitting on the fence, history will pass you by.

Every Igbo person’s slogan should strongly remain #FreeNnamdiKanuNow.

The clouds are indeed gathering.

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