Resign now, Gumi tells Buhari

By Dan Egbe Tuesday July 27, 2021

Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign over his inability to secure the country from criminals, which makes the blood of
innocent lives to flow in the country.

Gumi added that the same advice he gave the erstwhile president, Goodluck Jonathan, would be given to his “own brother” who appeared to be less democratic even than Jonathan.

Gumi said, “During the Jonathan era when blood was flowing, I criticised him because he was not doing

“Because they killed under your regime, you’re responsible for that matter, if you have done your best, I
can say Allah can forgive you, but if you are relaxed, no Allah cannot forgive you.

“So, the same thing now; the bloodshed now is more than the bloodshed during Jonathan’s regime.

So, now, you judge yourself to be fair. Our religion is a religion of fairness.


“When people are dying everywhere, and the President and governors are attending wedding ceremonies.

As I called for the resignation of Jonathan, I should call for the resignation of President Buhari. With
immediate effect and the government papers (media) should carry it also.

“Even Jonathan as bad as he was, he was more democratic. When he saw there was a problem, he
relinquished power and he said I don’t want blood,” Gumi said.

Gumi said he had two options either which to apologise to Jonathan or to ask Buhari to resign.

He said he was not left with a third option, insisting that Buhari should resign for not tackling insecurity.

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