Joe Biden barred from attending Morning Mass conducted by Pope Francis.

--Patrick Alexander Briggs

If there is something many people find mysterious about Catholicism, it is the church’s excessive emphasis on the Eucharist (Holy communion).

During the days of the Roman empire, I think during the time of Emperor Nero, the Emperor sent envoys into christian communities to report back to him what Christians believed. The emperor’s messengers came back with troubling news. They reported that Christians were “cannibals”, a criminal offence in the Roman empire. That they eat the body of a dead man named Jesus. That even if the body is in the form of bread and wine, their intention was clear: to feast on human flesh. And that these Christians worshipped this bread as if it were their god.

The report of the Roman inspectors, though saddled with inaccuracies, goes a long way to explain how Catholics view holy communion. For us, in simple English: “it is the Actual body and blood of Christ.” It is not a representation like the reformers claim. It is the real deal.

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So to receive communion, the church insists that Catholics should be ready spiritually. After all, Paul warns in his gospels that “he who eats of it unworthdily, eats condemnation unto himself.”

It is precisely on this premise that most catholics believe Joe Biden shouldn’t receive Holy communion. The most crucial point of reference is his support for abortion. In catholic terms, abortion is simply homicide. Another point of tension is Joe’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. As vice-president under Obama, he even conducted a same-sex marriage of two white house staffers in the White House.

President Biden, who is in Europe for several high level meetings, is taking off the morning of June 15 to meet Pope Francis as President of the United States for the first time.

The President’s entourage had originally requested for Biden to attend Mass with the Pope early in the morning, but the proposal was nixed by the Vatican after considering the impact that President Biden receiving Holy Communion from the Pope would have on the discussions the United States Conference of Caholic Bishops is planning to have during their meeting starting Wednesday, June 16. The U.S. bishops are slated to vote on creating a committee that would draft a document about Eucharistic coherence.

This is necessitated by the likes of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who overtly oppose everything the church teaches but describe themselves as “faithful Catholics.” The truth is that there is nothing faithful about their Catholicism.


As Archbishop in Argentina, before his election as Pope, Francis led a committee that drafted a similar document barring Catholics in public office who support abortion and same-sex marriage from receiving holy communion.

If Biden were to receive Holy communion directly from the Pope, it will have a global impact in Catholicism. It will legitimize reception of Holy communion by persons who overtly oppose church teaching.

Catholic ministers are actually encouraged by canon law to refuse giving such persons communion. Just last week the Pope expanded the Catholic church’s criminal Codex to include punishment of ministers who give holy communion to persons who by their lifestyle and choices promote things in violation of the faith, with abortion being one of them. So if Joe Biden attends mass, the right line of action for the Pope would be to refuse him Holy communion.

Understandably, such an action will cause a diplomatic headache between the US and the Vatican. The White House may consider that an affront and a direct attack on a crucial topic of Joe’s presidency: abortion. Things might even degenerate so fast with liberal-hysterilists accusing the Pope of political interference in the authority if the US President.

You can see why declining this request was necessary.

Now this act of refusing such persons holy communion is not deemed a punishment under canon law. It is seen as an act of kindness because of Paul’s warning above.

It’s a good thing the Vatican refused Joe’s request to attend a mass by Pope Francis. This was nothing but a calculated liberal stunt to paint Joe Biden as being in the same faith-page as the Pope, something we all know is false. His reception of holy communion will have nothing short of a catastrophic effect on church teaching that you can’t openly oppose the teachings of christianity and then receive holy communion in the catholic church.

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