Islamic Students Flogging: An Act Of Child Abuse And Human Rights Violation, By David Adenekan

By David Adenekan

Corporal Punishment And Physical Abuse Is A Dysfunctional Development Of A Child: A Rejoinder To The Flogging And Painful Sore-Mark On The Physical Bodies Of Some Students Of Musibaudeen Islamic School.

In this video clip of physical abuse of some students of Musibaudeen Islamic School that is trending in the news, the need to counter pose any argument put forward by the management of the school to justify this gory scene cannot be overemphasized.

To start with, is corporal punishment the solution to juvenile delinquency or youthful exuberance?


Yes, this kind of barbaric punishment cannot be accepted .

In the study of child development and psychology, corporal punishment may harden the heart of a child to the extent that the only language the child may understand is flogging her with a horsetail. This may make it difficult to talk her out of bad behaviors unless you beat her hard with a cane. There is no heart of love in inflicting injury and pains in a child’s body.

Also, study has shown that corporal punishment may affect the psychology and physical development of a child. In essence, this is counter productive because it is not yielding the desire results.

However, there are many ways to discipline a child without putting a sore mark on her body. You can withdraw some of the privileges she enjoys as a child. For example going to bed early on a weekend while others are watching movies or missing the 1hr video games for some days.

As a matter of urgency, the government need to put a stop to this barbaric way of punishing a child in the 21st century.

In summary, there is no moral or legal justification for this kind of punishment for a child.

Frankly speaking and without mincing words, . corporal punishment is not the solution to juvenile delinquency or youthful exuberance.

This is absolutely wrong!

David Adenekan writes from Chicago, Illinois.


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