Imo: Plot to eliminate opposition uncovered

By: Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu

A desperate plot by the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, in Imo State to eliminate members of the opposition may have been uncovered.

The direct threat WhatsApp message I received yesterday, Sunday 25th of April, 2021, from one Comrade Franklyne Maduabuchi Edede using the phone number 08097044820, was a pointer.

In that message which has been forwarded to the appropriate authorities, Comrade Edede threatened to kill me simply because of my article titled: “Insecurity: Why Peace Has Left Imo State“, which has gone viral on social media.

In that article, I x-rayed the escalating rate of insecurity in the State, blaming it on the social injustice prevalent in the State, particularly the controversial installation of Gov Hope Uzodinma as governor of Imo State. What I expressed in the said article was my critical analysis of the situation on ground.

I was reliably informed that Comrade Edede, who hails from Ezinihitte Mbaise in Imo State, is an APC member and a notorious political thug used to do dirty jobs by the ruling party. He even confirmed this in his threat message to me when he stated that he has killed so many people who opposed him and his party.

While the ruling party blames the escalating insecurity in the State on phantom “aggrieved” opposition politicians, they should also look inwards to see how much they have contributed to the problem. If the ruling party is harbouring killers and assassins then why are we looking for the cause of insecurity in the State?


The Bible says one should endeavour to remove the plank from his eyes before he can remove the mole from the eyes of another. Based on the foregoing, the ruling party lacks moral rectitude to fight insecurity if they are harbouring thugs and bloodthirsty fellows.

Opposition is the beauty of democracy because everyone must not belong to the ruling party. It is undemocratic for the ruling party to attempt to muzzle or eliminate the opposition for whatsoever reason.

Nevertheless, no single person or group of persons has the monopoly of violence. The security challenges bedevilling the State may be compounded if the ruling party resort to targeting members of the opposition for elimination.

Therefore, pending my formal petition, I wish to call upon the security agencies, particularly, the police and Department of State Services to invite Comrade Edede to explain why he threatened to kill me for exercising my constitutional right to express my opinion.

I also call upon the ruling party to let the opposition be and channel their energy on efforts to salvage the State which is fast collapsing under their watch.

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