Igbos stand to lose a lot if they go to another war – Joe Igbokwe

By James Ofoma

Joe Igbokwe, the Special Adviser for Drainage and Water Resources to the Lagos State Governor, has warned that Igbos stand to lose a lot if they go for another civil war whether they win or lose. He stated this in an interview with BBC News Igbo after he was asked what he thought about people that said that the older generation are using the fact that they witnessed war to scare the younger generation.

Explaining why he said that, Joe Igbokwe said the Igbos are not last when it comes wealth in Nigeria. He claimed that Igbos owned about 60% of the houses in Abuja and Lagos and said they can not afford to lose all that and some other investments for a second time.

On answering questions relating to the marginalisation of the Igbos, he said that studies done by the Catholic church showed that the oppressed tends to do better than their oppressors which is why the Igbos have done so well since after the setback caused by the civil war and why they can not stand to lose if they go into another one.


Joe Igbokwe also condemned the actions of those that burn police stations and kill security agents. He said, “it is an attack on the Nigerian State and warned it could lead to a situation where a state of emergency is declared and the Army ununleashed restore order”.

Speaking further, he compared the attack on Ebonyi State indigenes by suspected herders to a fight between communities and said it is nothing compared to killing policemen.


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