How Can Nnamdi Kanu Regain His Freedom?

By Emeka Ugwuonye

One can be sure of the following:

(1) There will be no bail for Nnamdi Kanu. In fact, having jumped the previous bail, he will not be granted bail again.

Also, he is not being held in the regular prison. Rather, he is detained in DSS cell, underground. That will cut him off completely. For a long time, there will be no contact between him and anyone, with the exception of his lawyers and communication with his lawyers will be monitored.


(2) The Nigeria government will amend the former charges they had against him. Those were weak. Indeed, the previous charges will now look like child play, compared to the charges they propound on him now.

(3) The evidence against Nnamdi now is very strong. Conviction is guaranteed. They were so strong that Britain agreed to extradite him without any extradition hearing in the UK.

Normally, Britain will not extradite a person without a trial in Britain. The exception is where British authority believes that terrorism case has been made. What happened in Nnamdi’s case is not just an extradition. It is more of extraordinary rendition.

(4) He will not be out of detention in the next 20 years unless there is a political solution. I believe there will be a political deal down the line. Igbo politicians and the same Ohaneze he has been attacking will negotiate with the Federal Government for some amnesty on the condition that he Nnamdi will renounce the idea of Biafra.

Like Ojukwu, Nnamdi will soon be swearing in name of one Nigeria, saying that he “will fight to keep Nigeria one”. That is the tragedy.

(5) The violence in the East will begin to recede. Things will be calming down in the East. The truth about IPOB and their activities will come out and many Igbo youths will come to know what people like us have always known about Nnamdi Kanu.

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  1. Excellent. Its always been obvious there is a difference between Ipob and IGBO.Ipobs are the EFULEFUS,being led by their supreme idiot. A foul mouthed obnoxious tribalistic egomaniac illiterate.COWNU, Cant take the village out of the little AKUWAFRA village boy.

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