Gov. Umahi has armed thugs to kill us — Ebonyi PDP NASS members cry out.

By Henry Okoduwa.

A caucus of National Assembly members of the PDP from Ebonyi State say they are threatened by the way the state governor, David Umahi has armed thugs and cultists in the state.

Gov. Umahi has been steadily arming thugs and cult groups in the state to unleash mayhem on perceived political opponents while creating the impression that they were helping to fight crime.

The group which briefed the press in Abuja after an emergency meeting to discuss what they called the “deteriorating security situation in Ebonyi State” said it was necessary to draw the attention of the Inspector-General of Police and all relevant security agencies to ongoing moves by the governor to stifle political opponents while hiding under vigilante groups like the newly formed EbubeAgu security outfit.

Group’s spokesman and former governor of Ebonyi State, Dr Sam Egwu said the governor’s indiscriminate and undocumented arming of untrained persons for the purpose of unleashing them against those in opposing political camps was an ill-wind that would blow no one any good.

According to him, the state’s security situation has been further compounded by the wide-scale distribution of pump action and AK 47 rifles and ammunitions to young men throughout the 13 Local Government Areas of the state under the guise of vigilante/ EbubeAgu.

There is no gain saying that the purpose for which Gov. Umahi has armed thugs and different cultists in the state was to silence any opposing voice to his maladministration of the state.

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This he says, “is a response to a refusal of major political stakeholders who rejected and refused to decamp with him from PDP to the APC.

“For this reason, governor Umahi has decided to procure and distribute arms and ammunitions to thugs, cultists and some of his appointees under the guise of vigilante/EbubeAgu to intimidate and stifle the People’s Democratic Party in Ebonyi State,” he said.


Senator Egwu also made allusions to a certain Barrister Amos Ogbonnaya, a former Ebonyi State Development Centre coordinator who recently escaped an assassination attempt as a living example of the dangerous levels Umahi’s pursuit of real and perceived political opponents had taken.

The senator painstakingly linked an expository interview Barrister Ogbonnaya granted AIT on the massive corruption in Umahi’s government on May 4, 2021 to his eventual abduction by the governor’s hatchet-men led by one of his aides named Chinonso Obasi a.k.a ‘Consider’ nine days later as evidence of Umahi’s dangerous life-threatening activities in Ebonyi State.

The former governor also referred to a so-called Town Hall Security meeting held last week in which the governor chose to issue threats than treat the problematic security situation in the state.

“The governor merely used the platform to issue threats and incite violence and public hatred against PDP members of the National Assembly and other perceived political enemies,” he added.

The group therefore petitioned the Inspector-General of Police to consider as a matter of urgent need the redeployment of the state’s Commissioner of Police, Mr Garba Aliu which it says has become the governor’s stooge.

They also demanded an urgent mop up of all arms and ammunitions already distributed to persons of questionable character to forestall further threat to life.

“That the Inspector-General of Police should know that governor Umahi should be held directly responsible should any harm befall any member of the National Assembly,” he said.

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