Garuba Sheu under attack

By Mmesoma Mezie

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Garba Shehu, has come under serious attack by Nigerias both on the social and regular media.
Mr Sheu criticized calls by Nigerians for the restructuring of the country or to allow the ethnic nationalities who which to secede from the country to do so peacefully, saying that President Muhammadu Buhari will not be bullied.
The Presidential Spokesman who stated this while addressing journalists during a media parley at the headquarters of the All Progressives Congress in Abuja, said “those advocating for secession are the problem of the country.”
Many Nigerians have taken to social media to express their views on the issue.
Some of the reactions on social media are captured below:
@JayPutin: “Stop consoling urself, it’s happening already. The signs are there, even a blind can testify to that. It’s just a matter of time. Nigeria’s breakup will be the best thing that will happen to Africans at large. It must happen at least to save lives.”
@martinceze: “Garba Shehu is only playing the cards of his boss. With agitations spreading around the country, claiming that they are actions to garner funds, is the presidential spokesman living in the fiction of his imagination?”
@LegePrecious: “Tribalism has replaced patriotism on all fronts. That is the simple reason we are in this mess today. We need a leader that would be courageous enough not to spare even his own blood brother or sister when on the wrong side of the law. Then Nigeria will change.”
@BlueAng: “I am not for Nigeria’s break up. But I expect President Buhari to show every tribe in this country that they are part of this country with his appointments. It has never been this glaring.”
@Joeys_sf: “Why not ask the people if they want to secede or not, through a referendum… This is supposed to be a DEMOCRACY.”
@Shetgunz: “Bullied? Calls are legitimate? Who wants to be in a toxic and unworkable relationship? Even if secession is not the silver bullet.”
@nwafordany: “Yes, Nigerians want to be one, but your principal’s action is polarising the country more.”

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