Fulanis’ plan to take over Nigeria is a threat that is real — Benue Gov, Ortom.

By Henry Okoduwa.

Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom has warned Nigerians to pay more than a passing interest to the current threat by the Fulanis to annex the country and make it their so-called “God-ordained” land.

The governor who has been sensitising Nigerians to the stark reality of the Fulani agenda since he survived an assassination attempt in his farm by suspected bandits last month says the increased wave of insecurity in the country has a root in that ethnic nationality’s overall plan to take over Nigeria.

While maintaining his stand not to surrender to current attempts to destabilise the state through herdsmen incursions in the guise of cattle grazing, banditry and kidnappings, the governor called for more vigilance from every Nigerian who has the survival of the country’s corporate existence at heart.

The governor who spoke to a broad section of Benue citizens, including security stakeholders in Makurdi recently revealed a master plan that had been hatched by the Fulanis as far back as 2018 to systematically unleash mayhem across the country in an attempt to perfect their agenda of territorial conquest.

To back up his warnings, the governor had proceeded to read copiously from a communique issued by a group which called itself the Fulani Nationality Movement after a meeting they held between January 13-14, 2018 in Kano.

Chief among the four-point demands made by the group which called itself the Fulani Nationality Movement was for the Federal Government to allow free movement and settlement of the Fulanis anywhere they liked in Nigeria, warning of grave consequences if such request was not granted.


“We are Nigerians and we are free to settle anywhere we desire with our culture, our families, our commerce and our values to the glory of almighty Allah.

“Any attempts to reverse these demands would be met with holy uprising never before seen in the history of Nigeria, and in the scale compared only with the 1804 Jihad.

“A word is enough for the wise. The Fulani is capable of defending itself,” the group parading a certain Badu Salisu (as National President) and Umar Amin Sani ( National Secretary) had warned.

To accomplish their plan, the group had called for massive mobilisation of all peoples of Fulani blood all across West Africa to raise men, money and arms to fight what they called the “upcoming Jihad.”

This, and many other such security reports governor Ortom says he has been privileged to stumble upon, hence his warnings to Nigerians, insisting that the issue of insecurity cannot be simply wished away unless concrete steps are taken now to foil the seeming seize-Nigeria-by-force campaign of the Fulanis.

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