Engr Chris Azubogu’s signature projects in Anambra: Facts don’t lie!

By Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo

May 5, 2021


Given the collapsing trust in the mainstream media and our vulnerability to lies on social media, most politicians in collaboration with their paid urchins have continued to manipulate the electorate into believing lies. Since Adam, politicians have always had the incentive to simply get elected into the seat of government where they became unaccountable to the people and as well not telling truths.

In their strategic attempts to get elected, most politicians that we have in this part of the world convey the appearance of trustworthiness. And this mannerism they employ has lead to deterioration of trust in the political system. The aftermath of such chicanery displays, of course, have been the rise of authoritarian and highly corrupt regimes. A very good example is the General Muhammadu Buhari’s administration we are enduring today. In Anambra, as in many other states in Nigeria today, similar situation plays out.

Be that as it may, there are a number of effective strategies with which political deceptions are addressed, and we must therefore employ such strategies to clear all doubts and restore the people’s firm belief and the confidence reposed in one passionately performing politician. This is because, without setting records straight with fact-checked information, people will continue to believe the lies being churned out from the opposition camps.

Few months back, Ngige NwaChukwu, a journalist, made a public post that one of the PDP frontline contenders for next governor, Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu, has inspired projects littered in all the twenty-one Local Government Areas in Anambra State. As expected and owing to the collapsed trust in politicians, many numbers of our people doubted the submission.

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Most of the doubters who live outside the state asked questions or alternatively demanded a mention of one project attracted to their towns by the ever prepared to serve legislator, Hon. Azubogu, and verifiable answers were provided. But rather than take the answers to a fact finding mission, or to say, on ground verification, they flatly labelled such answers blatant lies. Regardless of their motive for dismissing this sacrosanct fact as lies. We don’t have to blame such a people because, one can take a horse to a stream, but cannot force the horse to drink the water from the stream.

As a matter of principle, it is a hard truth that the workaholic lawmaker representing the people of Nnewi North, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency has signature projects in uncountable places outside his dear constituency. This is not mere hearsay, this is confirmed facts. And facts don’t lie! Yes, aside Mr Project’s yearly medical outreaches that attract people outside his dear state of Anambra and treated of ailments they could not afford the medical fees, three of his signature projects in another LGAs are:

1. erosion control pavement on Amichi-Igboukwu Road in Igboukwu (Aguata LGA);

2. rehabilitation/Asphalting of Emeakayi Ụmụonemba Road in Okija (Ihiala LGA) and

3. construction of access road, Okey Ezibe Ugwu Village in Awgbu (Orumba North LGA).

The mentioning of the above three projects done in three LGAs is imperative so as to serve as a registered evidence that Mr Project truly has signature projects littered across the length and breath of Anambra State, and is ever passionately committed to build more infrastructures that will grow the economy of our state when elected governor come November 6th, 2021.

He is running under the platform of People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Thank you.


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