Engr Chris Azubogu: The Man of the Moment

By Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo

Wednesday May 11, 2021


The growing rate of unemployment in Nigeria, particularly in Anambra State needs to be arrested before the dangerous monster it has become at this stage wrecks more havoc to lives, property, and of course the economy of the state. Delinquent behaviour, violent crimes, kidnappings, restiveness and increased militancy are all ripple effects of unemployment.

To solve the problem which will in turn reduce the rate of growing insecurity in the state, more jobs need to be created in order that our unemployed youths be gainfully engaged because youth unemployment is psychologically devastating to the concerned individuals and at the same time, economically devastating to our society as a whole.

Corruption with its attendant grave embezzlement and the neglect of economically viable sectors such as agriculture, tourism and oil are some of the major causes of unemployment in dear state.

Addressing those causes in order to provide tangible solutions to the unemployment problem in Anambra State via a new government requires a visionary leadership.

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But a visionary leadership is not the only prerequisite needed. For there to be real reduction of the unemployment rate, as well as the establishment of gigantically developed projects that will better livelihoods and grow our economy, the new leadership must have practical experience of good governance by means of identifying problems, mapping out plans to solving the problems, establishing permanent solutions to the problems, as well as good knowledge of statecraft.


The present health condition of Anambra State in terms of infrastructure, security, economy, employment and healthcare deserve a leadership in a man whose unwavering passion to deliver laudable projects is not in doubt, but clearly projected. That is also a man who used 10 years to learn the ropes of governance. He is a man who has very good understanding of the challenges facing dear state. He is a man who has already drawn-out plans on how to tackle the challenges facing us as a people.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP delegates should look out for this man as June 26th approaches for us to elect a credible candidate that will flag the party’s flag for the upcoming November 6 governorship elections.

Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu is the man of the moment.

He is much prepared to serve dear state with humility. He is much ready to rescue dear state with employment creation for economic growth. He is ever ready to offer simultaneous gigantic developments for dear state to wear new looks of transformation. He is ever ready to deliver tremendous results in policy formulations and project executions.

PDP delegates, Engr Azubogu is the new leadership Anambra needs!

It is the new leadership that aims to achieve visible and sustainable development that will touch all sectors of the state’s economy.


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