Engr Azubogu in the Governorship Race: A Sure Case of the Proven Aspirant with Verifiable Projects

By Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo

The road to winning the November 6th governorship election in Anambra State by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP requires clearly defined factors on the images of a candidate being fielded for the preponderance of Ndi Anambra voters to elect as the next governor. How unblemished is the candidate before the people? What amount of knowledge on statecraft does the candidate possess toward delivering true dividends simultaneously across all the 21 Local Government Areas in the state? What amount of practical knowledge on infrastructural development does the candidate possess in proving to us that s/he can deliver promises and or manifesto of the party? Questions aplenty.


Our dear state is undoubtedly yearning, as its next governor, an individual who has not only demonstrated his competence to handling projects and policies that are aimed at improving the growth of our economy thereby bettering the living standards of the people, but has also practically proved that provision of infrastructural developments for our huge benefit is not rocket science.


And Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu, Mr Project is the best bet.



The three-time-in-a-row people’s elected workaholic legislator has not only proved to us what he has delivered to his constituency, and to most parts of the state over the past ten years of becoming a politician, he has also continued to show us what he will do when sworn-in as the state governor come March 17th, 2022. One of his numerous focus after being sworn-in as the governor will be to create viable rural economies with capacity to create jobs and sustain employment within our rural communities. Of course, he has done so at various community markets within his constituency, with one example in Ọzụbụlụ, where he provided a cold room together with 60kv generator for the rural women. He can replicate this development initiative to other rural markets in Anambra when elected the governor of the state.


PDP delegates, Mr Project is your best bet; he is the most prepared to serve. Stake your vote on him for our people to produce the governor!


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