ENDSARS: Judicial panel of enquiry of vanity

By Ibe Pascal Arogorn

May 9, 2021


Frederick Nwabufo wrote, “The streets of Nigeria are coursing with the blood of innocents felled by guilty bullets of state agents.

The Nigerian flag has turned scarlet from being a sponge soaking up the living fluid of harmless citizens who thought that the murderers would respect the symbol of the nation and spare their lives.

The bodies of citizens are broken, littering the alleys. Young Nigerians who only ventured out with nothing but the flag, their fist and voice to protest against police brutality became victims of the violence they are campaigning against.

Is it not time for the judicial panel of enquiry be dissolved?

Up till now, cross examinations on whether the Nigerian army shot at peaceful protesters at lekki tollgate on 20 October.

Even with photos, videos witnesses , and international reports yet the probe panel is cross examining.


From onset this EndSARS judicial panel of enquiry was instituted by various state governors across the 36 states in Nigeria, it was just a joke.

After tensions flew up in the air after the protests escalated, the federal government fear that it might turn into a revolution like in Egypt.

This became real reasons for setting the EndSars judicial panel of enquiry. For 7 months after the protest, the panel has only rewarded few people involved in the hands of police brutality.

In Nigeria, a system can’t fight itself. After all sett and done, they will sit at a table of kindred .

Nothing will come out of the judicial panel of enquiry. They have compromised long time ago.

The nemesis of having untruthful government.

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