Delta variant of COVID In Nigeria: Symptoms Plus The Effectiveness Of Mask.

Ezeji B.O

A pandemic occurs with time, just as we have heard about HIV, ebola virus and currently, we are being faced with Covid-19 an unprecedented and unforeseen pandemic that has left an indelible mark on the whole world since 2019.

In recent times, it was authoritatively uncovered that this virus escaped from a virology lab in Wuhan china before it spread internationally.

Since the beginning of the covid -19, pandemic people have had no choice but to adhere to the new normal of using face masks, shields, hand sanitizers, and washing of hands with clean water regularly. At a point too, the outbreak and its rapid spread saw most countries of the world shut their entire economies down.

In Addition to the covid-19 virus, people got sick faster when they have underlining ailments before contracting the virus. When this happens, the viral load (which is the level of virus in the human body that affects the immune system) weakens and subsequently damages the ability of the body to function properly.

While various world powers and the apex health organization in the world (The WHO) estimated that it would take at least 5 years before a vaccine is produced to tackle the new virus, the world witnessed an action never seen before when President Donald J Trump made it a point of duty to get the world a vaccine for the Virus. This was achieved in a record time of fewer than 7 months.

While the world was in a celebratory mood because not only was the vaccine proven to be effective in curbing the health effect of the virus, the world was in celebration mood also because the vaccine soon stopped the number of recorded global death.

This celebration was short-lived as we were soon to see another dimension to the covid-19… Called the Delta variant which has so far proven to be deadlier than the initial covid-19. Apart from this, the new variant has also proven to defy the effects of every vaccine that was once celebrated.

What is the delta variant Of Covid-19?

Delta variance also known as the “variant of concern”,  is an advanced stage of covid -19, that is able to mutate into a new form and is immune to the vaccine. it was first discovered in India and had spread to 80 other countries including Nigeria. Unvaccinated people get infected faster than the mind can imagine and has adverse complications that surpass the initial Alpha variance that started in China.

Types of variant and attribute

There are several types of variants and it has its features in receptor after diagnosis these variants are; variant of interest, a variant of concern, and a variant of consequence.

a variant of interest lessens the ability of the antibodies generated to reduce infection or vaccine, the effect of treatment diagnostic impact, increases severity and changes as it occurs in receptors.


Also, we have the variant of concern which has rapid transmissibility, increased severity, reduces the effect of treatment or vaccine, or failure to diagnose infection.

lastly, the variant of consequence negates prevention or medical procedures implored.

universally we are been faced with the variant of concern in the different 80 countries in which it has been observed.

symptom of delta variance

This dominating strain of coronavirus has the same symptoms as the alpha variance some of which include sore throat, cough, fever, severe headache while the factor outlined by Zoe’s symptoms study in the united kingdom is quite different with people and places some of which could be a runny nose, sneezing, congestion, headache, sore throat, and fever. These symptoms are similar to what people typically associate with a bad cold.

Zoe symptoms study in the U.K explains that due to changes in the virus spike protein which render the protective antibodies generated from vaccination less effective, vaccines do not offer full protection from catching a COVID-19 infection or mild disease.

“People can still get infected with Delta if they’ve had a vaccine and particularly if they’ve only had a single dose of vaccine, where protection drops to around 50%,” despite this the vaccine is still the best way to prevent severe infection of variant coronavirus.

Can I mix and match my Covid vaccine In Nigeria?

The Nigerian case is no different from what is obtainable elsewhere in the world. The WHO top scientist has advised individuals against mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines from different manufacturers, according to them, such decisions should be left to public health authorities and not individuals.

Can I get The Delta Variant after being fully vaccinated In Nigeria?

As I have neatly mentioned before, people who have been can still become infected with the new strain of the virus and may have little or not mild symptoms themselves. Vaccination only reduces the risk but doesn’t fully prevent you from passing on the virus.


On a general note, you have got to note that the new Covid variant is real in Nigeria. I would advise you still stick to the various restrictions as outlined by the health authorities such as:

  1. Maintaining physical distancing of about 6 feet.
  2. Using the Face mask (Although this is currently being debated)
  3. Washing your hand frequently with soap under running water.
  4. Cleaning surfaces you touch frequently.



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