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Covid-19 Vaccination: Protest Erupts in UK (see video)

Eze Dan

Thousands of anti-covid vaccine activists were seen in a viral video demonstrating in the street of London, United Kingdom, following their disagreement and views on what some quarters refer as conspiracy theory concerning the effect of covid-19 vaccines.

A peaceful rally anchored by a Nigerian-London base Dr. Chido Agunaba Ajuora, who was also an active participant and campaigner in the protest demonstrated his views in condemnation of the ongoing administration of vaccines across the world especially Nigeria where he hails from.

“These guys say they don’t want vaccine. This is what Dr. Chido has been complaining from day-one.

“They are taking our DNA. Nigerians, white people say they don’t want covid vaccine.

“Covid measures is actually ravaging Nigeria. Nigeria is spending money on a disease that don’t exist.

“Our hospitals are dilapidated. We have imported vaccines. Those vaccines are not gonna be used.

“In Nigeria today, we have brought 2.8 million vaccines but we have only managed to vaccinate 150,000 Nigerians which is about .001% of the population. So, my question is what is going to happen to those vaccines we actually celebrated the arrival? WHO is enforcing measures that want to control the world.

“They just killed the Tanzania President because he said ‘No’ to covid-19 vaccine. If you say ‘No’ to covid vaccine, you are killed”, Dr. Chido Agunaba Ajuora, said in the viral video.

Recall that health and medical scholars have described vaccination of public health factors in different ways.


Critics of vaccination have also taken a variety of positions including opposition to the smallpox vaccine in England as the United States in the mid 1800s and the resulting anti-vaccination controversies such as those surrounding the safety and efficacy of the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP) immunization, the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and the use of a mercury-containing preservatives called thimerosal.

It would be recalled also that one Dr. Stephen Karanja, Chairman of the Kenyan Catholic Doctors’ Association, advocated steam inhalation and hydroxychloroquine tablets for the treatment of covid-19.

He clashed with the Catholic Church over the safety of Covid jabs as health authorities and world health organization rejected his claims.

However, it is on record that anti-covid-19 vaccine activists were confronted as Facebook, Twitter and Google were recently urged by a US lawmaker to ban a dozen people who it claimed are spreading the majority of disinformation about covid vaccinations.

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