Buhari, tribalism & self-determination agitations by Nigerian nationalities

By Capt. Casmir Nwafor (rtrd

I feel the pains of some nationalities seeking for self-determination in Nigeria. Some years ago, it seemed as if it was only the Igbo nation that was making the agitation but lately the South West, the Middle Belt among others have activated a more aggressive and coordinated drive for self-determination from Nigeria.

Even the South East has not been as aggressive and coordinated as the new entrants in the self-determination ring.

The increasing clamour for self-determination among some nationalities is a sign that in the past  6 years we have been divided as a people in a worse manner never seen or read in the history of Nigeria.

Muhammadu Buhari has shown that he came to destroy Nigeria with nothing to offer than a retrogression of our great nation.

From his appointments, execution of projects and other executive and personal conducts he has shown that he is not a national leader but a FANATICAL TRIBALIST!

Such leadership can never develop a nation. It will only plunge the country into fraternal wars and other destructive tendencies.

It was therefore very wrong to violently stop the gathering of Key leaders and youths of South Western Nigeria that gathered in Ibadan over the weekend to deliberate on their modalities for her clamour for self-determination from Nigeria.

It is obvious that the South West had felt the heat of Buhari’s extra tribalistic attitudes, hence the rise of her leaders and youths to confront such destructive shenanigans of the Presidency.

You can never beat a child and tell him/her not to cry. A reasonable government should rather look into its actions that drive her nationalities to such drastic measures and seek ways to make amends.

However to all the nationalities seeking self-determination, while I recognise your inalienable rights to self-determination, I humbly urge the disturbed nationalities to be patient with this outgoing disastrous Presidency that is determined to destroy us rather than develop us and move us forward.

These Egyptians you see now shall soon be gone and will be seen no more. It is a matter of months for us to sweep it aside and install a regime that will be mainly RESTRUCTURING driven.


It is my determination to drive Nigeria towards the United Kingdom format of Federation. Surely the UK cannot enjoy a good Federation food while she serves us a poisonous menu and we do nothing about it.

The various regions or more of Nigeria shall be fashioned like Wales, Scotland , Ireland and England in United Kingdom.

These Federating nations shall form our new Federation upon a new agreement regarding their relationship with the Central Government.

I humbly urge us to begin a political education of our people to vote right in the 2023 Presidential and National Assembly elections.

We should shun money politics and sweep out the present politicians who have only represented themselves and their pockets rather than the interests of their people.

We should form sections at the polling booths across Nigeria to fight for and defend our votes.

Since our security agencies and judiciary have proven ineffective in protecting our votes and making our efforts count, I urge us to use every means available to protect our votes and choices in 2023.

Anyone attempting to rig the 2023 elections shall be risking his/her life. That’s the only language our politicians hear and that can restore sanity in our politics.

Let’s go to work my people and together we shall build a NEW NIGERIA where all Federating Nations shall be treated fairly.

A country where all citizens shall be free to live a life of their dreams actualising their visions.



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