Buhari pushing Nigeria to disintegrate, Senator Abaribe.

By : La Belle Reine D'Awka 👸.

The Senate Minority leader, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe has raised the alarm that President Muhammadu Buhari was pushing the country to war and disintegration.

The senator, who represents Abia Central senatorial district in Abia State said the spates of insecurity and killings in all parts of the country were caused by Buhari’s policy of nepotism and bad sectionalism.

In his keynote address delivered yesterday at 2021 law week of the Owerri Branch of the Nigeria Bar Association, Abaribe said that the “president’s “enthronement of sectionalism and nepotism has led to the country to be on free fall.”

“Ethnic triumphalism of President Buhari’s tribesmen, Fulani, has equally helped in fueling disintegration of the country. In my interactions with Nigerians across all divides and classes, you get the impression that Nigerians do not want to go to war. You also get the impression that Nigerians don’t want to be divided into many mini countries today,” he explained


“But, Nigerians are being pushed to the wall by two things: Nepotism and sectionalism of this government and ethnic triumphalism that is going on; importing people from outside Nigerian who come into this country and decimating people in this country and no effort is being made to tackle the problem because some people think they are of a particular religion or ethnic nationality.

“Under the watch of the present government, Fulani militia are on a mission of conquest all over Nigeria. By infiltrating and trying to take over every region of this country, we have had to witness killings of natives, women raped, farmlands destroyed, kidnappings of citizens all over the country and forests forcefully occupied.

“The security forces that should offer protection seem to act as if they are in collusion with the criminals and this invading army being treated with seeming indifference.

“Nigerians, who bear the brunt of these attacks daily, lose hope in the idea of unity of the nation.” he said.

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