Blaze FM Oraifite/NAUTH perm site road: My story ~ Azubogu


I facilitated this project in line with our deliberate effort to expand economic activities.

This is the only road that leads to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) Permanent site and through to Blaze FM Oraifite.

I believe that doing this road would consolidate our intervention in the Health Sector as well as further strengthening our resolve to bridge the infrastructural gap and expand inter-community economic activities.

Some of my brothers from Oraifite have been asking me why the tarred portion terminated immediately after Blaze FM gate in Oraifite and seemingly abandoning the remaining about 4 kilometers.”

Here is my story:

It was to be about 9 kilometers total, but when I moved to do the road through the Federal Ministry of Works, I was asked to keep off from the road by a senior brother from Oraifite, who confidently told me that the state government would do the entire road based on assurances he got from them. But I insisted, suggesting the state government should choose another road in Oraifite since I already got the Federal government’s approval.


It raised a sort of dust but we eventually resolved that state government construct about the 4 kilometers(without bridge) within Oraifite, while I handled the 5 kilometers with a bridge from Nnewi to Blaze FM Oraifite, which also is a stretch of mainly very difficult terrains.

Meanwhile, the remaining 4 kilometers immediately after blaze Fm Oraifite is still under the state government contract as I write, which I hope that the state Government will mobilize contractor to the site for its completion soon.

We are committed to bridging the infrastructural gap in Anambra State to stimulate the economy and if elected as the governor of Anambra State on November 6, we will lead from front.

Come with me, let’s build a system that can solve her problems.

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