Be Delightful To Feel The Anambra In Azubogu

By Pat Uchendu

One of the political events that will excite the nation this year and filter into the early months of 2022 is about the one who takes over the mantle of leadership from His Excellency, Willie Obiano. Anambra State is a forerunner in the developmental index of Nigeria by her people and not unlikely, has a number of those who want to breast the tape at Agu Awka, but there is a Big But…
As we move naturally into the second phase of the aspirants’ intension, we must not lose focus on he who thinks about Anambra in terms of the understanding of the socio-economic triggers to remedy her past errors and give her a deserved lift. As we listen to and watch the aspirants we help to find the help we need. We don’t need political cloud-songs and fantasies, but the grass roots whispers and talks of he whose realities have delivered on road infrastructure, housing, health, youth empowerment, underway industrial park scheme, like none in Nigeria, etc.
He prepared well and long ago for his intention. His consistency on feasible vision is like the assurances of a daybreak. Engr Chris Azubogu not only speaks light to projects, he makes them have form and functional.
Hear him again:
“My aspiration to govern Anambra is to rebuild and expand our infrastructure and lay the foundation for future economic transformation and overall development of our state.” “Come let’s build a system that can solve her problems.”
#ForAPeopleWithFuture #HelpIsComing

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