Banditry, Boko Haram, secessionist agitations are results of society paying for neglect of yesteryears’ ~ Peter Uzokwe

By Patrick Okohue Sunday July 25, 2021

The ongoing banditry, Boko Haram attacks, secessionist agitations among other security challenges in the country has been blamed on the neglect of critical sector of the society by those in leadership position.

Making this assertion at the weekend at the sidelines of the Speech/Prize giving day and foundation laying ceremony of Mater Amabilis Children School, Satellite Town, Lagos, the President General, Ozubulu Development Union, Ambassador Uzokwe Peter Ifeanyi, urged parents to watch over their children and ensure that they are given the kind of upbringing required for a better society.

Uzokwe reasoned that looking at what is happening in the society today; every parent must know that they have a responsibility to raise their children to be responsible and not be part of those that will give the nation troubles in the future.

According to him, “I don’t need any advice to parents, because the society you neglect today will fight back tomorrow, that is what we are seeing today, forget about the cosmetic painting by elders, bandits and secessionist and what have you, it is the vicious circle of the neglect we did to the society yesterday and yester years.”

He said that for any society to grow and have peace there must be efforts at cross cultural understanding of the peoples that make up the society, “You can see that I came here with my kids, I always want my kids to interact with other kids, that is what we call cultural exchange in sociology, knowing a little bit of your friends’ culture and your friends knowing a little bit of your own.

“When you get to a place like Lagos that is the melting pot of every civilization and every culture, you will be able to mix well.


“So, I don’t need to give any parent advise, but as you called it advise let me plead with them to educate their children, especially the girl child, empower the girl child, the boy child will always find a way to fend for himself, that is how God made it, educate the girl child, when you educate the girl child you are empowering the whole country.”

Speaking earlier, the proprietor of the school, Mrs Nonye Ucheagwu urged parents to pay more attention to the kind of school their children and wards attend, because according to her, the society is sick, as a result of failure of the home and the school system, advising therefore that there is a need for a place where children can be taught in such a way that they can be a solution to the problems ailing the society.

She said that the aim of her school is to aspire to change such orientation and not only build children academically, but build the total child with good morals, bridging the gap between leadership and attitude.

Also speaking, the chairman of the board of the school, Mr. Obinna Ucheagwu assured parents that the next academic session was going to witness a lot of innovation in both the physical structure of the school and academic wellbeing of the children.

The school also gave awards to some of the students, many of whom participated in various recitations, speech making and cultural display.

Awards were also given to some notable members of the public and parents for Community Service including Ambassador Uzokwe.

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