Azubogu: The mastery man with the master plan for Anambra

By Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo 

As the race for the November 6th, 2021 governorship elections thickens, we are reminded that Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu (Mr Project) is very much running along. He is very much running because he is well prepared to serve the whole people of Anambra. By preparation, I mean having, among other admirable knowledge, the practical and technical know-how of statecraft. This is a man that has been serving in the Green Chamber of the National Assembly for ten years counting. Thus, he is loaded with so much knowledge on good governance policy and implementation of workable plans for the benefit of the people.
Ever since he began as a federal lawmaker for the past ten years, solid social developments never eluded his dear constituency made up of three LGAs. Thus, he is a workaholic legislator whose burning passion to offer landmark achievements for the people’s wellbeing is unmatched. Mr Project’s fulfillments lie in watching his dear people enjoy good social amenities for which politics were formed. He loves Anambra so much that his greatest desire is to bring gigantic developments to the state in a simultaneous manner using his tested and tried ideology of ‘enye ndi ebe a, enye ndi ebe a’ (Give one project to this, give another project to that) strategy. Believe me, the workaholic legislator has the willpower to bring developments to each LGA in dear state simultaneously just like HE Mr Peter Obi did using the development policy of ANIDS.
Ndi Anambra, Hon. Azubogu is not only prepared to serve you and me as governor, he is practically well armed with a gigantic master plan document that will be unleashed and used to build for us a system that can solve our present and future problems. We must recall that during his LGAs tours particularly in Agulu wherein he met and made his intentions known to PDP party faithfuls, he told the people present that he is going to attract Food and Pharmaceutical Park for the town. This is even a town outside his very senatorial zone of Anambra South. Such is the passion with which this Honourable lawmaker of impeccable integrity is very much prepared to pilot the administrative affairs of our state as Executive Governor!
For certain, dear Ndi Anambra, this promise of attracting such a gigantic project to Agulu is already a fulfillment because Mr Project does not sugarcoat words with tongues in cheek just so he should be made a governor. Ana ekwu ekwu, ana eme eme (talking and doing) is also his methodological strategy. One of similar project and verifiably one of the most significant projects he had attracted for Anambra as a federal lawmaker is the Nnewi Automotive Industrial Park that sits across three towns of Unubi, Akwa-Ihedi & Uga. Of the three towns mentioned, only Unubi is within his constituency while the rest two is outside of it.
Ndi Anambra, #helpiscoming for you and me. Let’s give the mandate to the man most #preparedtoserve and #Azuboguforgovernor is it!

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