Azubogu: Our Hope for a Secured Anambra State

By Mezie Akabudu

To say that the security challenges facing the country now is alarming maybe considered an understatement. From rampaging Boko Haram in the Northeast, the kidnapping bandits of the Northwest, the invading terrorists otherwise called the Herdsmen of the Northcentral and Southwest to the unknown gunmen of the Southeast; no part of the country can be considered safe.
Anambra State has a long history of insecurity dating back to days of military rule. In times and history, the people of the state and the different governments have always used orthodox and unorthodox means of dealing with insecurity in the state each time it rears its ugly head in the state.
From the days of the infamous Otondo when the then military government seemed at a loss on what to do to secure the state, the people took their fate in their hands and through the famous ‘Boys Oyeee’, flushed the state of the undeserving elements. Then came the days of Governor Chinwoke Mbadinuju, who used an unorthodox method popularly known as Bakassi Boys to checkmate the criminal elements in the state.
HE Peter Obi had to confront varying degrees of insecurity in the state, using orthodox methods. He first gave the police a shoot-at-sight order which magically got the state rid of armed robbers, pick pockets and all other forms of criminal elements. But before he could savour the peace and security his shoot at sight order brought to the state, kidnappers attempted to make life unbearable for the inhabitants of the state.
Again Obi applied another orthodox method. This time he had the state Assembly pass a law empowering the state to demolish any property used as a hideout for kidnappers or procured using proceeds from kidnaping. He equally equipped and encouraged the police to go all out against the kidnappers. Thus, he left a highly secured Anambra State for Gov Willie Obiano who has been able to maintain the state in a secured state until recently.
Should Obiano fail to rid the state of this rampaging unknown gunmen, or even if he manages to contain them before handover, who amongst the aspiring aspirants could contain the menacing unknown gunmen or improve on what he/she met on ground? Going by the pedigree and the experience in statecraft of all the aspirants, none other than Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu is the hope of Anambra for a secured state. His idea of taking appropriate record and data of all legal residents in the state as well as digitally monitoring movements appear most appropriate in these modern times.

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