Are We Still In The One Nigeria?

Ezeji B.O

One Nigeria where there is a massive development, equality for all, healthy business competition, value for human lives, freedom of speech, obedience to the rule of law. That is what it is supposed to be right?

Not a one Nigeria where Igboho is arrested and the government cannot file a single case in court against him, while the bandits move freely in our sacred forests.

Sometimes I just wish someone would tap people up from the dream I think they have gone into, to think that there is still a one and indivisible Nigeria.

As a disclaimer, this post is never meant to bring about disunity, disharmony, or any form of negative instigations, rather, it is a wake-up call to all, and also a means by which I feel we can all be conscientized. Therefore, Everything I have written here is purely my opinion.


Sometimes I think the peddlers of the One indivisible Nigeria rhetoric are either being selfish, hypocritical, uninformed about the real divide, yellow-bellied, or simply callous.

In the warm-up to writing this article, I tried to warn myself to never use foul, or harsh terms and languages. So, I have resolved to abide by my own agreements.


The message of ONE NATION is not only old but has proven to be grossly non-inclusive. This has become more apparent as a result of the recent happenings which I will dwell on more in the latter part of this article if you stick around to the end.

One Nigeria, some others choose to call it one indivisible Nigeria, but be it as it may, it sounds to me like one Indivisible people trapped perpetually in a mess without any hope of regaining freedom.

I have chosen to use the word REGAINING FREEDOM because everyone currently trapped in the “one Nigeria” (The indigenous people) were once free until 1914. We have come too long to still continue to peddle one Nigeria which I have always seen as a big crime against the original settlers in modern-day Nigeria.

For those folks still hanging on to the one indivisible Nigerian slogan, my simple question is; HOW ONE ARE WE REALLY?

We have never been one from the beginning. Not until recently, a Yoruba man will ordinarily reject any relationship with an Igbo man without second thoughts, while an Igbo man on the other hand sees the Yorubas as betrayals.

We cannot continue to peddle the one Nigeria message when the bulk of the past and present leadership of the Nigerian immigration service has been from a certain part of the country as shown on the Nigerian Immigration Service portal.

We cannot continue to peddle the message of one Nigeria when a particular region sees itself as the “born to rule” and others are born to be slaves or willing tools.


You cannot continue to chorus the one Nigerian slogan when a particular region has continuously produced the top officeholders in sensitive government parastatals such as the Military, the police, the immigration in recent times, at the detriment of the other tribes.

There can not be one Indivisible Nigeria where children from southwestern Nigeria, Southeastern Nigeria, and south southern Nigeria need a cut off mark of not less than 250 to gain admission into a unitary school when their counterparts in the other region of the country need 2 in order to get the same admission.

What sense is there to chant one Nigeria when my community gets a ridiculous 3% as the oil exploration host community when other regions get as much as 30% just for the search of the same oil?

What do you mean when you chant ONE NIGERIA when we cannot compete with Dangote in the same market simply because of the economic forces behind him?

Can we sincerely begin to say the truth to ourselves for once?

Our musicians sing one Nigeria in their songs when truly, they cannot sleep comfortably in their villages because of the menace from herders.

How indivisible do you think Nigeria will be if the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Adeyemo finally claims their lives?

How indivisible do you think Nigeria will be if herders continue to ravage and sack us from our ancestral communities?

How indivisible do you think Nigeria will be if by 2023 the north still decides to cling to power without a commensurating shift in their appointments to represent the true federal character requirements?

How indivisible do you think Nigeria will be if before 2023 the ruling class does not address the root cause of agitations, such as arresting the terrorist bandits and bringing them to book for their heinous crimes.

How indivisible do you think Nigeria will be if the present-day government of Muhammadu Buhari continues to try to silence free speech, the media, and peaceful protest which are all enshrined in the “Constitution”…. I don’t even see that as a constitution.


You can continue to chant one Indivisible Nigeria, but some of us have moved on either physically or in our minds long ago.

Except the government makes a u-turn from its many failings, and also make us see reasons we should all believe in the Nigerian project (After all, that is what great countries like America does to date) which may take time, I may never be redeemed from my current state of hopelessness about Nigeria.

While I currently do not believe in the one Indivisible Nigeria Project anymore since it appeared the Fulanis have overrun Nigeria, however, I am  in full support of any of the following suggestions from leaders of thoughts:

  1. Go for the irreducible minimum… Restructure the Nation back to the former regional government.
  2. Bring down the constitution for the enthronement of a brand new one.
  3. Ban open grazing in the south.


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