Anambra Gubernatorial and the Party Primary Elections: Credibility is the Key Factor.

By Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo

By this date next month will the generality of the people across the globe, most particularly ndi Anambra, witness the presentation of candidates that will fly the flag of the respective political parties for the November 6th gubernatorial elections.

As it is constitutionally mandated in a democratic setting, the sieving out of a suitable candidate from all the numerous aspirants jostling to replace the incumbent governor of the state is the work of the party delegates. Yes, the power squarely lies with the party delegates to present a credible candidate for the people to make a governor in the main election.

But a credible candidate is one that has the convincing prerequisite to win the party the main election. How then can party delegates identify, among the aspirants, the one most credible to win them the election?

Before now, money is the determining factor in winning primary elections particularly in Nigeria, but for Anambra this time, especially in my party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, it is apparent that money won’t place itself in the minds of the party delegates as a determining factor to the emergence of a consensus candidate for the party. Credibility will!

For my party PDP, this is their time to reclaim the governorship seat at Agu Awka and so, all hands must be on deck to give ndi Anambra a candidate that has the practical experience and passionate zeal to develop the state with gigantic infrastructures for job creation, positive economic policies for business growth, and world class health facilities for the people.

So far, so good. All the 16 aspirants lined up by the party for the primary election have been making efforts at being made a candidate during the primary election. So far, they have done assiduously well.


But critically comparatively, one aspirant has done convincingly credible. It is Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu, Mr Project.

Two weeks ago, the lawmaker representing the people of Nnewi North, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo Federal Constituencies at the Green Chamber embarked on delegates tour across some selected Local Government Areas, LGAs to further intimate the delegates on his visionary plans for dear Anambra. In those LGAs he revisited, he wasn’t offering them sugarcoated political talks. He offered the delegates convincing words on what he has done before as a three-time-in-a-row-elected lawmaker and what he has in plans to offer the state, particularly all the LGAs, when elected governor.

For instance, at Umueze Anam in Anambra West LGA, Mr Project reiterated his plans to unlock the economic potentials of this very LGA to fuel positive growth of the state. This, he will do, by turning the waterways of Anambra West as a viable economic corridor through a developed maritime sector.

Quoting him verbatim, he said, “We will develop Sand Beach along this Omambala river and turn it a tourist destination for the state.” Speaking further he told the attentively listening delegates, “We will partner with our neighbouring state of Kogi and the federal government to build Itobe-Umueze (Kogi/Anambra) Road.”

Believe you me, those words are not mere usual political talks with which most politicians use to hoodwink the people during electioneering campaigns; they are purely genuine words spoken from a passionate heart very prepared to serve the people of Anambra as a governor. Those are words spoken from a true mind very ready to build for dear people of Anambra, a system that can solve her own problems.


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