Anambra 2021: Zoning And The Animal In Man

By Tai Emeka Obasi

Monday May 17, 2021


It took a Barrack Obama to mix deep political intelligence with top class oratory for a black man to ever become the president of the greatest country on earth. As democratic as the acclaimed God’s Own Country were, such feat was considered impossible before the miraculous coming of President Obama.

Reverse roles today, give the American blacks the population, financial and political advantages and it will be very glaringly impossible for any white man to smell the White House.

Man is a sentimental animal, and no race is an exception.

Bring it home to Nigeria. The word marginalisation became our second National Anthem simply because the minority discovered there is such a word in the dictionary. Swap roles today and give them the majority advantage and the same people will conveniently erase the word from same dictionary they consulted daily.

The Hausa Fulani combined to make sure power remained up North until Chief MKO Abiola broke their ranks, paid with his dear life and His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo stepped in. I ‘Dey Kampe’ embraced political power, enjoyed the sweetness and even toyed with a ‘third term’ extension. The ex-General from Ogun State forgot that Africa once had a leader called Dr Nelson Mandela.

But the manner he handed over made it appear a clandestine arithmetic that the former head of state wanted power to remain in the South. A scenario the North clandestinely as well invented Boko Haram in order to stop. This is not hypothesis, but reality of the power struggle in Nigeria.

President Goodluck Jonathan paid the price, simply because the gentle humanitarian from Otuoke never wanted a country with blood flowing in her streets. And that is why we are where we are today.

The Fulani got in a president, who was very willing to implement their long-planned agenda, part of which was to hijack all democratic processes that the people’s votes never counted. From polling units, through every security agency monitoring, to INEC offices and all through judiciary processes of electioneering, a Fulani man always takes the final decision. Evidently, their gazette is that no non Fulani would ever become Nigeria’s leader in this generation. Man at his zenith of sentimental fanaticism!

Come nearer home to my dear state of Anambra, it took the coming of a God-fearing man and lover of humanity in HE Peter Obi to generously advocate for EQUITY. The man who we fondly call Okwute may have innocently acted according to his character, but he may never know how many fans he cornered his way with that singular act.

This great man didn’t wait for Northern Anambra to start agitations for power. He simply said and insisted that power should go North. He hence brought ZONING into the consciousness of the people. At a time when he could have put anybody from his Anambra Central zone or even his own brother from Agulu and still won, this man selflessly stood behind Anambra North for equity sake. Even when ugly circumstances robbed him of his preferred and adequately prepared choice, he still achieved that basic aim for going North. May God continue to bless him.


Today, some voices are saying no zoning, with reasons ranging from fairly objective to the damn ridiculous. Most people discarding zoning are from Anambra North and Central. Central, particularly believe they have the advantage to effectively corner the PDP ticket and subsequently the main election.

It may not be as simple as that, in fact, won’t be.

What should bother discernible minds is why somebody who is screaming for an Igbo presidency, that can only be achieved through zoning at the national level, would turn around to condemn same process at the local level. Why then blame President Muhammadu Buhari and his ruling cabal for RUGA? Why blame the North for insisting on holding onto power perpetually?

Man is ever a sentimental animal, driven by utter selfishness and blind desire for greed and nepotism.

Mandela showed Africa the way regarding power. Okwute showed the way for equitable co-existence. But the greed in us refuse to affirm the way to progressive living.

Politics is not dirty, it is man and his mind that are dirty. That’s why they exchange blows in parliament, throw chairs and so on.

The concept of enye ndi ebea, enye ndi ebea, enye ndi ebea… is hardly in them. It’s so so pathetic.

If the current situation in this country does not unite every state in the Southeast at this very volatile moment, then we’re so selfish that our children’s tomorrow doesn’t bother us at all. We need harmony. We need a very capable leader that can hold Anambra together while we approach an uncertain future in 2023. As it stands, I can see such leader in the PDP. Without going South in the forthcoming primary, PDP will lose him and that may not be a good story in the end.

This is no time to make mistakes. This is no time to place money first. Reality is here with us and we must return to practices that promote integrity. The situation in the country is so pregnant and volatile that any mistake can lead to loss of lives. The PDP delegates should think of the future of their children and vote accordingly. This is no time to gamble away a very great chance for an assured tomorrow.

Think clearly. Think zoning. Remember to go South for equity, peace, harmony and brotherly co-existence. Anambra is the heart of Igbo land. We must show the way.

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