Anambra 2021 Purchase Of Forms: Azubogu Proves His Mettle.

By Tai Emeka Obasi.

If you patronise social media, you will have noticed few articles/comments vainly trying to ridicule Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu for allegedly selling some of his properties supposedly to finance his governorship aspiration.
Invariably, the mischievous attempts have been to courier that he has not the financial capacity to prosecute his gubernatorial intentions. How recklessly these funny blokes misfired!
I’ve always counseled people to respect Nnewi men and learn from them instead of envying or attempting to ridicule them. They have ability to make money out of any situation in their DNA. The lawmaker representing Nnewi North, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency had long prepared he was going to go for the governorship of his dear state in 2021.
The man who was recently honoured with the title, ‘Ifeanyichukwu Nnewi’ has never been a public servant that could shortchange the people. When it comes to his constituents and even Anambrarians at large, he would die first than deny them their due gains of democracy.
Such honest individuals prepare ahead of time for any personal project in order not to be tempted into tampering with developmental funds, like those used for his highly successful and commendable Medical Outreaches. I am not unaware, for instance, that this extremely prudent man deploys a strategy of saving and growing funds by purchasing properties instead of stocking in the bank.
For good ten years, this humble servant had been in NASS and within that period, he has gone through four elections (two primaries, two main), apart from the two that brought him in the first time.
He knows exactly how best to arrange funds for any election and his methods haven’t failed him yet. When he’s after any personal project, he sweats to save for it instead of stealing public funds. It is such financially prudent and responsible servants that we need to turn this country around.
Now assuming, but without conceding, that the insinuations are right, is it not a huge pity that youths, who are expected leaders of tomorrow, are the ones condemning such conscientious and God-fearing servant, instead of calling for him to be emulated? It’s even a bigger pity that people looking for messiahs can’t recognize one when he or she comes around.
Trust me, when you hear that Hon. Azubogu is prepared to serve, it’s partly because he has also diligently taken care of all these very vital aspects.
And more, better believe it that through him, #HelpIsComing.

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