Anambra 2021: Engr Chris Azubogu’s Trump Card Is Proof Of Capacity.

By Tai Emeka Obasi

As November 6 date quickly draws nearer, aspirants have intensified efforts to emerge respective candidates of various parties. But how many of them have proof of capacity.

In every campaign stop is a peculiar speech of, “I will do this, I will do that,” of promises by these aspirants, most of whom have no means of proof of capacity to deliver besides their words.

Unfortunately for most of them, today’s Anambra is no longer a state where electorate take politicians by their words. Delegates and other stakeholders just listen for listening sake, shout the usual “ojebego”, collect assured envelopes and wait for another.

In the case of PDP, it’s a whooping 16 different aspirants that struggle to out-do one another while these delegates and stakeholders presently enjoy a booming ‘market season.’

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But an experienced eye can read expressions, decipher that these PDP stakeholders are truly tired of staying out of power for nearly 16 years and very evidently making a careful appraisal of the aspirants based strictly on one with the best qualities to win the November 6 election for the party.

Yesterday at four different venues to interact with delegates, Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu astounded many when he reeled out verifiable projects he attracted at each of the four LGAs he visited and further outlined feasible projects he will do for each LGA as a governor to improve healthcare, education, accessible roads, employment and basically to provide enabling environment to harness our potentials in manufacturing, agriculture and generally make dear state self-reliant in every department of development.


From responses from respective leaders of the party of each LGA, it was an unanimous declaration, “if you can do this much in our LGA that is not part of your constituency as just a legislator, we are already imagining what you can do as a governor with executive powers.”

“It is evident by what we have seen that your trump card is a proof of capacity to deliver on your promises, based on what you have achieved as a legislator.”

Mark my words, those were not political talks. I’m quite convinced that PDP delegates know who can win November 6 election for the party. Let us pray that they will deliver this aspirant as candidate on June 26.

Hon Azubogu has every proof that he is very #PreparedToServe.

Keep a date for daily details in the coming days for #HelpIsTrulyComing.

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